I was so inspired by this story about Tammy Duckworth, who 2 weeks ago became the first sitting US Senator to give birth while in office.  

She’s also 50 years old, and openly shares her 10-year struggle with infertility after serving as a platoon leader and losing both legs in Iraq. Yikes!

I find her courage and clear desire to serve in the Senate WHILE ALSO BEING A MOM incredibly inspiring.

So many women struggle to balance work and family. Many give up or delay childbearing in order to pursue a career, only to struggle with infertility later. This is a challenge women most often face in silence.

Duckworth’s story highlights the need for…

~ Family friendly workplaces, such as the rules change allowing her to bring her baby and nurse on the Senate floor!

~ Paid parental leave for both women and men, whether adopting or physically bearing a child.

~ Greater support and less judgment overall for women, whatever life choices they make regarding their fertility.

To watch the historic moment of Duckworth bringing her newborn to the Senate Floor, click here

For an extended interview with Duckworth on her fertility journey, losing her legs in Iraq, and her decision to become a Congresswoman, go to YouTube and type “Full interview: Sen. Tammy Duckworth” in the search bar.

My prayer is that the sacred power we carry as women to give life be valued at all levels ~ political, personal, and spiritual ~ and that all women be supported in their life and mothering journey, however that unfolds.

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