Coaching for holistic healers, yoga teachers, studio owners, and people who are changing careers

Are you at a crossroads in your life and ready for support to build the future of your dreams?

Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel, constantly in motion, but never getting where or what you want
  • An abundance of ideas, but not enough time or clarity to implement them
  • Being exhausted and depleted ~ either from overwork or from the weight of missing out on your true calling
  • Self-doubt that keeps you from taking the steps needed to move forward or from experiencing total pleasure and ease when you get into action

Or do you have a nagging feeling that there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing with your life, but you’re not sure how to move in the right direction?

Or maybe you’re embarrassed by your low income, low volume of clients, or lack of creative fulfillment? You know you’re smart and talented and you wonder why it’s not adding up?

Desire is the arrow that points you in the direction of the soul.


If you’d like more ease in your life, more financial abundance and material wealth, or more service, clients and creative fulfillment, I encourage you to listen to that call. Listen to the voice of the soul calling you home to your true purpose, calling you to fulfill your vision, and calling you home to happiness and vitality.

I work with spiritually-oriented entrepreneurs and other high-performers who are ready to live with purpose, prosperity, and vitality.

 I can help you:

    • Figure out what direction to take in life and work, the direction you will feel good about at your life’s end.
    • Navigate tough transition points like opening, closing, or growing a business; raising a family while juggling work; relocating or retiring; navigating finances and priorities in a marriage; or family crises such as divorce and the death or illness of a loved one.
    • Access the confidence and guidance you need to successfully launch new programs, workshops and retreats. Learn best practices in program design and strategic, ethical business models.
    • Address your fears and doubts with wisdom and clarity. Discern which fears are well grounded and which are possible to move through quickly with the right support.
    • Gain new tools in authentic and heart-centered marketing to reach your ideal clients. Marketing can be a joy when approached with love and wisdom and I’ll show you how.
    • Take on a whole new mindset around service, money, and prosperity, so that you open to a beautiful level of abundance and joy for you and your family.

We offer a free 15-minute consultation to listen to your challenges and goals and determine how we might best serve you.

Your first step is to tell me a little bit about yourself and your goals. I or a member of my team will be in touch to follow up.


“From working with you I have so much more confidence in how I talk about my work. You helped me create programs through which I’ve reconnected with my deepest professional passions.
My yoga for anxiety series has been thriving for over a year now. I’d been trying to create it for years and had never gotten it off the ground ~ you helped me to finally do it. I’ve doubled my individual client base too, with people I love to work with.
“We’re also getting more people in the studio, and they’re coming more often. We took our memberships from 4 to 70 people! Our teachers are happier, and we’ve increased their pay. Now we’re hiring someone to take on some of our administrative duties.
“Most recently, I launched a new 6-month program for women interested in exploring their spirituality – and it’s full with 9 wonderful women. I’m teaching what I want to, in the way I want to, and making a good living doing it!”
~ EB Ferdig,
Co-Owner, unfold studio, Portland, Oregon

“9 people signed up for my series before I started marketing it!”

“Two years ago, I was feeling burned out and in danger of losing the great love that I have for yoga. I was uninspired and tired. Although I had been teaching yoga for 30 years, I didn’t feel worthy of charging what I know I’m worth.

Embracing my role as a Sacred Business Woman brought me a huge surge of creativity, and I was able to free myself from the administrative work of my studio and pursue my passions more. And people are writing checks! I was astounded that 9 people signed up immediately for my newest workshop series before I even started marketing it!

I’ve started offering really deep, personal programs that I hadn’t even thought of before. As I’ve gotten excited, I’ve attracted more private clients and my classes are full. I have so much more confidence and inspiration – it feels amazing!”

Christa Rypins
Owner, Intelligent Body Movement Studio
Murphys, CA

“I didn’t think it would be that easy!”

“I am very excited about what’s happening in my business since I started working with you. I have seven new private clients, and it’s been wonderful so far. I love these women! I followed the exact steps you taught me to enroll my ideal clients, and my jaw practically dropped when each one of them said yes. I didn’t think it would be that easy!

I can feel the pressure coming off in other areas of my business. I realized that those 7 private clients equal almost 20 students in my group classes, and it’s allowing me to relax and cut back on the number of classes I offer. I’ve been longing for comfort and ease, and that’s exactly what is coming to me now! I’m moving deeper into the work I love most.”

Cindi Buenzli Gertz,
Yoga Teacher and Owner
Conscious Living Arts
Amery, Wisconsin
Not only did Laura help me zero in on the type of work I desired to do, but she also gave me the confidence to get out and start manifesting my heart’s desire. Having her support, encouragement and guidance led me to a new realm of financial possibilities AND a deeper belief in my capabilities. So much gratitude and love. Thank You Laura!!
~ Dea Bozzo. Hamilton, Ontario
“Last year, I was having a tough time managing my yoga business when my daughter’s illness became more apparent. I wanted to balance both the needs of my family AND my desire to continue growing my business. But I just did not know how to do this on my own!

Laura facilitated a breakthrough when I attended one of her retreats. I finally saw a creative resolution. In the months that followed, with continued support from Laura and the amazing Divine Feminine Yoga community, I came to a place of deeper acceptance and peace. Being present in a steadfast, loving way for family and business CAN happen at the same time!

And the real shocker is this: at the end of the year, I had brought home $10,000 of additional income!”

~ Esther Wyss-Flamm, PhD, MEd, E-RYT,
Mindfulness Mentor in the Workplace and Beyond, Philadelphia, PA

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