18 Stories of Healing, Inspiration, and Empowerment

Learn from 18 inspiring women who transformed their most profound difficulties into a source of strength that they now use to uplift and empower others.

Each writer presents a riveting story that is real and emotionally compelling. I found this book hard to put down. Loved it!”  ~ Amazon Review

Authentic stories from diverse women reveal the resilience of the human spirit. Revealing their challenges and strengths, these 18 women give us the courage to become our best selves. So empowering.”  ~ Amazon Review

Awakening the Divine Feminine

Author Interview Series

1. Watch Session One Above

Receive juicy insights on these topics and celebrate the authors from the first section of the book, “WOMB WISDOM:” Birthing the Wild Feminine Within Through Miscarriage, Adoption, and Childbirth, Esther Wyss-Flamm;  Reclaiming the Female Body Through Abortion, Jen Antill;  Introduction, Laura J Cornell

2. Watch Sessions Two Through Five

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  • Session Two: The Path to Healing for a Melanated Yogi, LaShanda Brown; The Power of Rest: Healing Magic for Midlife & Menopause, Cindi Buenzli Gertz; Healing My Broken Back Through the Divine Gift of Yoga, Deah JenkinsDaughter of Devotion, Jennifer DeVille Catalano
  • Session Three: A Skeptic Opens to the Miraculous, Hyla Hitchcox; Learning to Belong to Myself, Martha Chabinsky; Grief, Growth, and Sobriety, Michelle Ann Collins; Beauty for Ashes, Angie Merritt
  • Session Four: The Calm Within the Chaos of Special Needs Parenting, Jane Kleiman; How a Catholic Girl Went to India and Found the Other Half of Her Soul, Anne Conley Ondrey; My Life Path as a Divine Conduit, Lydie Ometto
  • Session Five: A Mayan Healer Finds her Voice in a Foreign Land, Laura Hernandez; A Flow of Grace from Effort to Ease, Claire M Zovko; Sex and Love on the Path to Spiritual Growth, Laura J Cornell, Closing Celebration

“These author interviews are truly transformative. I loved the encapsulation of each story in the book. So meaningful and relatable! 

Listening helped me take ownership of my body. I was reminded how accessible healing is ~ just through the simplicity of the breath and through being centered. I shared these interviews with my husband who enjoyed them as much as I did.” ~ Diane Figaro, Seattle, WA

“Finally a book that grabbed my attention from the start with sacred stories that touched my heart. These women share with ease, love, and profound truth. I am moved to tears with their bravery and vulnerability. The wisdom in this book will support future generations to explore their divine femininity!”  ~ Amazon Review 

“Not many people who have suffered heartbreak, loss and suffering would be willing to share their stories. But these amazing 18 ladies have all overcome profound loss and come out the other side. I take my hat off to these brave women and thank them for sharing their lives with us.”  ~ Amazon Review

“Nothing sugar-coated here; this is the real-deal. Thank you for gathering these women who have gone through life and are not only standing tall but standing in their own truth. We all need truth-sharing right about now. Highly inspirational.”  ~ Amazon Review

Never before has the Divine Feminine been so needed on our planet. The suffering of Mother Earth will stop only when humanity as a whole ~ both women AND men ~ collectively raise our consciousness to a new level of love.

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