As we move into the dark half of the year, it’s important to reset our bodies, minds, and spirits. Navratri is the perfect time to do this Ayurvedic reset to prepare us for the months ahead. All of nature profoundly shifts at this time, and we will stay in balance with Her by doing the same.

“Navratri” is known primarily as a Vedic festival in honor of the Goddess Durga. The word “Navratri” comes from the Sanskrit words “Nav” meaning nine, and “ratri,” meaning night. Navratri takes place over 9 nights starting with the first New Moon after the Fall Equinox. 

Whatever your beliefs and practices, Navratri is a great time to upgrade your body’s light codes so that you can start the new season feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Here’s how to do it:

1. Cleanse your physical space. Tidy up your house or apartment and get rid of any clutter that’s been taking up space in your life. This will help clear your mind and make room for new energy to come in.

2. Detox your body with easily digestible foods. Eat a clean, plant-based diet during Navratri to detoxify your system and prepare your body for the new season. Avoid processed foods, dairy, sugar, and alcohol during this time. Minimize meat products to the extent possible, while also balancing your lifestyle and family needs.

3. Drink detoxifying teas and herbs.These nourishing teas are some of the best options for women during Navratri:

    • Dandelion tea is a great liver tonic and can help to cleanse the blood. It is also diuretic, which means it helps to flush toxins out of the body through the urine.
    • Holy basil (tulsi) tea is an Ayurvedic favorite that is known for its ability to fight stress and boost immunity. It is also helpful in cleansing the blood and stimulating digestion.
    • Ginger tea is an excellent digestive aid and can help to reduce inflammation throughout the body. It is especially helpful in relieving nausea and vomiting.
    • Turmeric tea is another Ayurvedic favorite that has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can help to cleanse the liver and boost immunity.

4. Set your sleep schedule one hour to 30 minutes ahead of your usual rhythm. During Navratri, go to bed before 10pm or even 9:30 if possible. The earlier time in bed will enable your liver to rest and help you to get a deeper night’s sleep. You’ll enjoy more peaceful dreams and a better integration of the previous day’s activities. As challenging as it can be given our busy lives, an early bedtime is one of the best ways to recharge your body and mind.

5. Consciously upgrade your light codes. Our body truly runs on subtle energy and tiny electrical currents that connect every cell. Our body is guided by the wisdom of infinite intelligence.

Upgrading the light codes can be done through meditation, prayer, or simply spending time in nature. Get outside regularly at Navratri, especially at night. Hike or simply BE in nature daily if possible. Attune and pray with the growing moon. You might want to create a simple altar in honor of the changing season and coming dark half of the year. Connecting with your higher power will help to lighten your body and raise your vibration.

6. Honor the Goddess Durga. I like to choose a mantra (short prayer) and mudra (simple hand position) in honor of the Goddess Durga and invite her strength and peace into my life. Goddess Durga is the embodiment of supreme Shakti, and she represents our ability to rise above our limitations and fulfill our potential. By honoring her during Navratri, we open ourselves up to unlimited possibilities.

7. Finally, I recommend you journal on what you most need to prepare for the coming dark half of the year. Your soul knows the specific steps you need to take given your life circumstances. Sit in front of your altar with journal and pen nearby, practice your mantras and mudras, and then ask the Divine Mother these questions:

    • “What do you want me to know about how I can best prepare for the coming dark half of the year?”
    • “What actions do you want me to take NOW to prepare for vibrant health and wellbeing over the coming 6 months?”

Journal what comes through you, and follow the guidance you are given. Share the messages you receive with a friend or family member to affirm and anchor the wisdom that has been given you. As you listen to and honor the voice of your soul, her messages will become clearer and stronger, and you will know you are living in alignment with your highest good.

Navratri is a great opportunity to reset your body, mind, and spirit for the upcoming season. By cleansing your physical space, detoxing your body, drinking nourishing teas, upgrading your light codes, honoring Goddess Durga, and receiving wisdom through journaling, you can start the new season feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

By the end of Navratri, we’ll have cleansed our physical being, and be ready to embrace all that the dark half of the year has to offer.

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