This full moon marks 2 months and 1 week that my husband and I will have lived in our new home in Sedona. Wow. What a 9 weeks this has been.

I share a poem I wrote on our first full moon in Sedona ~ 2 moons ago ~ here.

Sedona called my husband and I, and we are so glad we’re here. Honestly, this is one of the surprising gifts of this COVID year, because if this year had unfolded as expected we would still be traveling and after traveling would have settled somewhere much more conventional, more “normal.”

Since landing here we’ve met many others who were called here as well. They were literally shown this location in dreams or visions when they least expected or wanted it. Others were invited by friends, or just had a “feeling” that it would be right.

For us, a friend suggested it, we found a church we liked (online first), and my husband thought that being in a “woo” place would provide a degree of cushion from the coming changes over the next years (and I concurred). Perhaps most importantly, both of our soul guides clearly aligned with this spot, and everything fell into place more smoothly than we could have imagined. We are blessed. 

And so I want to invite you as well. Are you called to Sedona? If your soul is looking for an oasis, I can’t think of any place better to find it. The red rocks, the trees, the wide open spaces that invite a clear mind and inner communion. It truly is as beautiful and peaceful here as it looks in photos.

If you are called to visit Sedona anytime soon, even in the next year, please reach out to me by replying to this email, and I’ll see what I can do to help make it happen.

I know that many people are not comfortable getting on a plane or traveling right now. I get that and I respect that.

At the same time, I know that some people ARE being called to travel, to take a break from their local areas, and to go somewhere they are called for soul renewal, healing, and creative release. Every week I meet someone visiting from California, New Mexico, Texas, Washington State, Washington DC, or elsewhere. And I see more out-of-state than in-state (Arizona) license plates at some of the trailhead parking lots! So I know that yes, even now, people are being called to travel, and yes, they’re being called to this spot.

I myself came here to WRITE more, and let me tell you, the poetry has been FLOWING. What are YOU being called to? Please reply to tell me about it.

One more thing about Sedona before I sign off…. I’m not sure what you think about UFOs, but before moving here I didn’t think much about them at all. If anything I thought they were a phenomenon that had been long dismissed as outlandish, the stuff of movies or science fiction only. Well, many people here actually believe in UFOs. I’ve met more people in the past 9 weeks who believe in UFOs or who have personally seen them than I have in the previous 56 years of my life. (You might find these resources about UFOs interesting: I think this phenomenon is worthwhile considering.) This is just one example of yes, there is a lot of out-of-the-box thinking in Sedona.

Blessings of the Full Moon to you. May you enjoy a happy and peaceful holiday season, filled with love, and may the divine light be born even more strongly in you at this time on planet earth.