It’s here! My new book, Awakening the Divine Feminine: 18 Stories of Healing, Inspiration, and Empowerment is out!   

I’m so excited to share this collection of raw, tender, gutsy feminine wisdom with you. Eighteen brave women, all experts in their fields with decades of experience, came together to dig deep and offer their hearts to the world. I’m honored to be able to bring this book forward.

If you missed our book launch party, Awakening the Divine Feminine: A Global Online Book Launch Celebration, I invite you to check out our author interviews and see how you can get a copy of the book.

I spoke about my chapter, “Sex and Love on the Path to Spiritual Growth,” as part of the celebration too. 

Each session of the Book Launch Party includes:

  • Inspiring mini-talks by the authors
  • Joyful celebration of the release of our new book!

Enjoy the inspirational and uplifting stories you will hear from this event!