Happy New Year!

I turned 60 in December of last year. This was a milestone I’d been dreading. After all, my 60s were the decade when my mom fell ill. Would I follow her down the same path? And would I be able to accept my husband’s aging alongside my own?

I’d also had a couple of difficult dental visits over the fall ~ ouch! ~ so the anticipation of my birthday had me more than a little jittery.

In the month leading up to my birthday, I intensified my meditation practice. I did this deliberately, as a way to face my fears while also supporting my health.

Amidst the turning waves of thoughts, I found solace in my practice. I purchased a set of beautiful pink crystal bowls, and began to play them each morning before I sat for meditation.

What I love most about meditation is that it reminds me that I’m not my thoughts. I’m not my fear of aging. I’m not my memories of my mother, good or bad. I am pure essence, like the sound that vibrates in the pink bowls and then settles into stillness.

One day before my birthday I took myself on a walk, determined to face this fear once and for all. I remembered the love that grew between my mother and me during her illness, and the joy she found in her grandchild. 

What if my 60s were just as sublime? What if they were filled with unexpected blessings, new joys, and profound growth?

Here’s a photo of me basking in birthday dinner after-glow surrounded by sublime birthday-gift flowers.

I am an entrepreneur, a guide for spiritual women entrepreneurs. I have faced challenges and celebrated victories. I have learned, grown, and helped others do the same. I realized that turning 60 was a chance to embrace life with open arms, ready for whatever comes my way.

With meditation by my side, this is a chance to have my best decade ever!

So, as I embark on this journey into my “Sublime 60s,” I am filled with gratitude. I am ready to embrace every moment, every challenge, every joy. I am excited to see where this new decade will take me.

Here’s to embracing life, in all its surprising, beautiful, and sublime moments. Here’s to turning 60.

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