As I write it is the one-year anniversary of my mother’s passing. A time to pause and remember, and to feel her ongoing presence in my life. I take a deep breath of gratitude.

Earlier this month I attended my dad’s wedding to his new wife, my now step-mom. They asked me to write a poem for their wedding, and it was an honor to feel this pouring out, finalizing itself just hours before the ceremony, and to be able to read it to them on such a sacred occasion.

I will paste the words below for you to read, and also read it aloud to you in a video.

Click here to watch.

And please enjoy these photos from the wedding:

Women at the wedding (Ginni’s in the middle with the crimson dress)

Dad and Ginni

Fun hike with Dad, Jim, and niece Sarah the day after the wedding.

We Are All Just Souls 

Helping Each Other to Come Home


A Poem for Dad and Ginni on the

Occasion of Their Wedding

We are all just souls
helping each other to come home…

…or so a friend said to me one day
as we sat and looked at the different
colors of our skin,
hers brown, mine white.

and as we sat and talked
about cultural differences,
being born in one country or another,
and the meaning of it all.

Sometimes a soul meets another,
opens its eyes wide,
and says “I could love this person,”
and “Wow, I WANT to love this person,”
and “Would they, could they, might they
just possibly want to love me too?