Today marks the beginning of Navaratri, the traditional 9-night celebration of the Divine Feminine in India.

This is a wonderful time to take a new action

or make an inspired commitment to yourself!

(Read below for the inspired action I’m taking…)

Navaratri takes place once during the fall and once during the spring, always when the Moon is waxing. Celebrating Navaratri aligns your energies with the growing light of the Moon during this seasonally-balanced time (not too hot or too cold). In so doing you are connecting with women all over the world who also celebrate feminine power.

Most importantly, by celebrating Navaratri you will be reminded of your own innate Divine Feminine being. This is who you are! A Goddess, brilliant and shining, sometimes waning, sometimes waxing, always whole.

Here are four simple steps to celebrate Navaratri:

*** Find a place to observe the light of the Moon close to your home ~ a nearby field, your bedroom window, or maybe a porch. Make a vow to look at Her (or in Her direction if the night is cloudy) with love at least once per night for the next 9 nights. Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted as she grows and changes (just like you do!).  Inwardly cheer her on, receive her growing blessings, and take them into your heart.

*** Bring extra beauty into your life at this time. You might create an altar of fruits and flowers, set up a picture of the Goddess where you can easily see it, or dress a little extra special yourself. The Goddess loves beauty and color, so allow yourself to feel the subtlety, joy and radiance you embody AND see in others.

*** At least once during this celebration (why not more?) get together with a group of your Divine Feminine sisters to celebrate the light of the Moon and the Shakti (Divine Feminine life force) we feel in each other’s presence. Ecstatic circle dance is a WONDERFUL activity for Navaratri. Any exuberant movement under the moonlight (even under cloud cover or a rooftop) will do.

*** Finally, as stated earlier, this is an excellent time to make a new commitment or take a new inspired action. I recommend writing it down and telling at least one trusted girlfriend. 🙂

And now…   drum roll please… here is the inspired action I’m taking: *** !!! *** !!! ………

I will be completing a fully revised version of my Moon Salutation book THIS FALL.

Created by and for women, the Moon Salutation is a series of 16 yoga poses that nourishes a woman’s mind, body, and soul. It is empowering, soothing, and heart-opening. It connects us with a universal circle of women and with the cycles of the Moon and of nature.

I’m committed to creating an easy-to-read, easy-to-use, super-helpful resource that gets the Moon Salutation into the hands of girls and women of all ages! More than ever we need to be reminded of our own innate beauty and power, and to have simple, joyful rituals and practices that unite us with each other and our sacred body temple.


Do you have an experience of the Moon Salutation you’d be willing to share?  Or, would you be willing to read and GIVE FEEDBACK on a dirty rough draft when ready?

More about submissions: If you have a beloved experience of your own personal practice of this yoga flow, or have led it in empowering ways with others, I’d love to hear from you.

Here is a non-exclusive list of possible topics:  

Teaching or practicing the Moon Salutation with/for…


Special needs populations


Teen girls



Infertility, miscarriage, or stillbirth





Women’s sexual healing

Healing women’s body image

Telling our stories

Earth healing

Death and dying

Connecting women in groups large and small

Men’s groups

Coed groups

I am also looking for additional:

Variations on the Moon Salutation

Ways to teach it, make it enjoyable and playful

Indoor/outdoor practices

Rituals that include the Moon Salutation



If you have experience with any of the above and love the Moon Salutation, please reach out and share!

All selections chosen for the book will receive credit with your name and a link to your website (where relevant, or unless you request anonymity). We will check back with you for changes/additions/edits before final inclusion. Women AND men are invited to make submissions.

Please click here to let us know your interest in submitting your experience or being a beta reader, then send your content to no later than October 15, 2017 to be considered.

Thank you, and go out and enjoy Navaratri!