Happy New Moon! I wanted to send a quick note and two resources before I head into a spiritual retreat week.

This Sunday, October 30, is Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, and it also marks just 9 days before the U.S. elections.

We have had such a difficult election season, fraught with revelations of injustices and unkindness from leaders that have been deeply troubling on all levels.  I believe that now, more than ever, as Yoga practitioners and as women committed to the Divine Feminine, we are needed as beings of light.  We are needed in our love, our truth telling, and our kindness.

Whatever happens in this election, we will need to continue to be vigilant, watching over difficult world transitions with a degree of emotional detachment that comes from a wise spiritual practice, but also engaging with and participating in our world powerfully as it goes through birthing pains towards greater consciousness.  Growth is never easy, and our planet is definitely in an evolutionary process.

I believe we have all been affected by the incredibly denigrating comments towards women and our bodies made by Mr. Trump. As women we are familiar with this ~ unfortunately we have experienced abuse and putdowns both subtle and not, over and over again, throughout our lives. So it is really amazing to watch it laid bare to the world, giving us a chance to say no, this is not ok, and yes, this has to change.

I have enjoyed women’s reclamation of the phrase “nasty woman” on YouTube and Facebook. In some way, we have all been called “uppity,” “too smart for our own good,” or told to be quiet so we wouldn’t offend men.  Yes, nasty women agitated for women’s right to vote and against slavery, nasty women have protected the environment and families and children and the social security system, and yes, nasty women do vote.

So please join me in voting this election, and please encourage all friends and family everywhere to do the same.  We cannot sit back and neglect this basic obligation to contribute to choosing our future, as imperfect as the current system may be.

I’m sending two resources which I hope will be helpful to you.

The first is the book, “Pussy: A Reclamation.”  We all need to reclaim the absolute healing and positive nature of women’s bodies, especially the center of our deeply sacred creative energy, our yonis!  Grab this book now. Click here.

Second, I wanted to forward an endorsement of Hillary Clinton by many people I deeply respect. I hope that this petition will be helpful to you in your considerations. Read “Evolutionaries for Hillary Clinton:” Click here.

This weekend we enter the New Moon, a time of blessing and purification. And as I mentioned above, this New Moon is also Diwali, the Indian celebration of lights. Diwali commemorates the victory of light over dark.  So in your meditations and other spiritual activities this New Moon season, send a special prayer for the forces of goodness and light to be strengthened as they work to purify and cleanse our earthly existence.