We’re in the middle of Vasant Navaratri ~ the nine-night spring festival dedicated to the Divine Mother.

I love this celebration, reminding me to slow down and literally smell the flowers, savoring the beauty of nature and the sacred in my life.

I shot a quick video to explain the meaning of Vasant Navaratri and to show how you can celebrate it through your yoga practice ~ or in the classes you teach.

This celebration reminds me of the power of life, beauty, gratitude, and honoring even those “ugly” or strange looking parts of myself. There’s a story about this in the video you don’t want to miss.

(Want to see the roses in my backyard? Watch to the end of the video for a peek. 🙂  

Remembering the power of the Goddess is a truly divine practice. Watch this video to the end ~ then click on the link below to learn more about the Sacred Business Woman Retreat.

Go here to see the video

Learn more about the Sacred Business Woman Retreat: Click here.