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Gentle Yoga Class

🕉  Are you ready to move & exercise more, but you’re not sure how to get started? 

🕉  Are you concerned about preventing osteoporosis, stiffness, poor balance and falls as you age? 

🕉  Do you know you feel better when you practice Yoga, but you haven’t been able to make it happen on your own? 

I’m Laura Cornell, your VOC neighbor, and I’m excited to  be offering a new, gentle Yoga class in my home in the Village of Oak Creek.

Here are just a few of the research-backed benefits of Yoga…

  Gain flexibility

Strengthen bones and muscles

  Enhance immunity

  Reduce stress hormones and the effects of stress in your body

  Reduce or slow kyphosis (stooped upper back)

  Get a massage for your inner body

  Be happier

Now more than ever, we need to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. We need embodied practices and a strong spiritual community to help us navigate the stunning transformation of our world.

Why I teach Yoga

I came to Yoga in 1990 at the age of 28 after I had fallen and injured my back. I had also suffered immune dysfunction for several years, getting about 10 to 15 colds or flu’s per year. I was either sick, about to get sick, or trying to recover. I had a constant sore throat and was unable to go out and socialize on the weekends. Not a fun life.

Lucky for me, after I fell my work paid for me to get chiropractic care. My chiropractor noticed my barely functioning immune system, and invited me to attend her Yoga class.

I still remember that first class. The poses were unfamiliar and uncomfortable on my stiff body, but I liked the teacher’s guidance to release comparison and go at my own pace. I did that, and ended up enjoying the class.

Amazingly, the next day, I noticed that I was not exhausted! This was a striking improvement in my health and I was soon totally hooked on Yoga. Yoga also helped to balance my emotions, which had been cycling wildly and painfully. I studied holistic health, and soon changed my overall patterns of eating and thinking. Ultimately, Yoga helped me to heal not only my immune system but enabled me to live with full joy and purpose. I am so grateful for that back injury, which first brought me to Yoga!

Soon I became a Yoga instructor, and dedicated my life to helping others heal themselves and connect with Spirit. Since my first Yoga Teacher Training over 25 years ago, I’ve added advanced training in Yoga therapy, plus a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a doctorate in Religion and Philosophy. I’ve taught Yoga to children, adults, and seniors, as well as private sessions for special needs & pre- and post-surgery. I am the founder of Divine Feminine Yoga, where I offer online retreats, coaching, and women’s writing circles. This local VOC class is open to both women and men.

I believe that through connecting gently with the body, we connect with the ground of our being, which is LOVE. This love in turn guides us in the paths we need to go in our lives to birth more light and awareness to the planet. This is what it’s all about, no? It brings me great joy to offer the healing gifts of Yoga to others.

How the Class Works:

A Class That Goes at Your Pace

These are very small group therapeutic classes enabling me to plan and modify according to your individual needs. When you register for your first class, I will ask about your intentions and goals, as well as any physical limitations or challenges you might have. This allows me to best support you in your practice and progress.

Dates & Times

We are currently planning to meet on Mondays from 7-8:15pm and Fridays from 5-6:15pm. If you would like to attend but don’t see a time that works for you, please email me at Support (AT) and I may be able to take your needs into consideration starting in February.

First Time Visitors/Guests

Your first class is my GIFT to you and there is no charge. Because space in class is limited, I do ask that you make a no-show deposit of $20 in advance. Your no-show deposit allows me to prepare a spot for you in my home and assures that I will not inadvertently turn away others from the class when there was actually space available. After attending your first class, you can either request a refund within 24 hours (no questions asked), or apply the deposit towards your first series of classes.

Ongoing Class Options:

Quickstart: 5 classes for $90

Superstar: 12 classes for $190

Note: Due to current health concerns, all classes must be prepaid. Thank you for your understanding. If a sliding scale is needed for any reason, please let me know. 

Money back guarantee:

Reminder: Your first class is risk free! I do ask you to register with a prepaid no-show deposit, but if for any reason you decide not to continue, your money will be refunded within 24 hours, no questions asked. And if you decide to continue, you can apply your no-show deposit to your first class series, so your first class is on me!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m totally stiff and new to Yoga? 

These classes will be gentle, and I’ll be encouraging everyone to take it at their own pace. I’m here to help you adapt the poses as needed, and if you need to sit one out, that’s not an issue. Yoga should feel good, and the poses will help you get stronger and more flexible. I can help you find what works on your body.

What if I had recent surgery or illness?

I ask that anyone with flu or cold or other symptoms stay home for 72 hours after you are symptom free. If you are uncertain about a recent surgery, you may want to ask your doctor for clearance to practice gentle Yoga. And I’m always available for private sessions for those with additional questions or special needs.

What if I’m very physically fit? Will these classes be challenging enough?

Many people practice Yoga as an adjunct to other athletics, such as tennis, golf, pickleball, hiking, biking, or lifting weights, and find that it helps them improve their overall athleticism. You will gain in core strength and agility, which enhance other sports. The slow, deep breathing reduces stress and will help you sleep better. And many people report enhanced mental focus, supporting their overall clarity and wellness.

Can I bring my friend?

Yes, your friends are welcome. Please have them register here, so that I can prepare their space in my home.

How will you protect against coronavirus?

We ask that anyone with current or recent symptoms of any cold or flu-like illness stay home for 72 hours after symptom free. We will provide soap & water, hand sanitizer, and masks if desired. Our living and dining room space is very large, with room for social distancing and excellent ventilation and we are limiting class size to the number of people who can be appropriately distanced. Strengthening your immune system such as via the stress reduction of Yoga is a key component of staying healthy for a long, happy life.

What props do I need to bring?

We ask you to bring your own props if you have them, but can provide if requested in advance. (A list of props will be sent to you when you register.)

Where is your location?

I’m about 1 block from Kiwanis Park on a quiet street with a view of Castle Rock from the backyard. Exact location, parking, and other instructions will be provided after you register.

I have a question that’s not answered here….

Feel free to email Support (AT)

Ready to get started on your new 2021 health journey?

I look forward to serving you!

Laura J Cornell, PhD

Divine Feminine Yogini and Sacred Business Mentor
International-Bestselling Author, Moon Salutations: Women’s Journey Through Yoga to Healing, Power and Peace