Remaking Ourselves in a Transforming World


Laura, I am delighted to join you and my sister companions on the journey in the Sacred Business Woman 2.0 Inner Circle

I understand the following:


  • I can choose from three different levels: Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald, and I will tell my retreat coach or you at our connection lunch.

  • After I put down my deposit, I will be invited to a connection call with you next week. I understand that in this call we will discuss my goals and dreams for the next year, my financial and time resources, and the support I will need to achieve my goals. I understand that we will also discuss the appropriateness of the level I have chosen and that you will help to clarify and solidify my next best steps.

  • I am committed to my personal and professional growth and to supporting the other women in the program to the best of my ability.

  • I can let you know on the connection call whether I would like to do a payment plan or pay-in-full. I understand that I will receive all the terms and conditions of the program immediately after my connection call with you.

  • If you do not feel the program is a fit for me, you will let me know on the call, and in that case you will refund my deposit.

Deposit amount: $250

I understand that by clicking the button below and placing my deposit, I am agreeing to the above.