Are you ready to serve the world more powerfully,
even in the midst of a global crisis?


The Sacred Business Woman Retreat 2.0

Remaking Ourselves in a Transforming World

FRI & SAT, JUNE 5 & 6

You have access to this page and to a FREE TICKET to this event as a current member of the Awakening Inner Circle. However you MUST REGISTER to attend. See below for full details.

Dear Sister,

Holistic healers (Yoga teachers, Yoga therapists, studio owners, physical therapists, Xi Gong and dance teachers, nurses, coaches, authors, and so many other light-workers) have a critical role to play at this challenging time on planet earth.

We bring healing, peace and joy to struggling clients. We support immunity and nourish wellness. We are so needed.

And yet, shelter-in-place has put a kink into all of our plans. Retreats are cancelled, healing centers closed or slow to reopen, classes discontinued or moved online. The process of teaching and healing has changed, and we need to change with it. We need to serve our clients in a new way, a way that works for us and a way that works for them.

And perhaps we need to think about our sacred business and our service to the world in a whole new way.

Because I had developed an online presence, the transition to virtual Yoga and writing classes in March was smooth for me, and I saw no drop in income, even working part time. I love the groups I’m leading, and they’re incredibly fulfilling for me and the participants.

And since I had shifted two years ago to more writing and publishing, I had a passion I loved that was easy to continue in a time of global quiet.

I have helped dozens of other women make the “pandemic” shift. Many of my clients are reaching more people, while conserving their energy.

Other clients are choosing to move more slowly. They’re digging deeper into their creativity as well as their mission and purpose in the world, finding themselves opening to entirely new directions of flow and contribution.

The shift does not have to be difficult. I’d like to show you how.

Please join me and a community of sacred women colleagues for…


Remaking Ourselves in a Transforming World

FRI & SAT, JUNE 5 & 6

I’ve helped hundreds of women like you, healers who want a hand up with the practicalities of marketing and growing their classes, workshops, and private client base. We did this in live 3-day Sacred Business Woman Retreats that helped women jumpstart or expand their businesses. You can see their stories lower on this page.

Now we need to change the format to meet the needs of these times ~ and thus Sacred Business Woman 2.0, is a live two-day online retreat.

It’s time to rethink who we are and who we want to become.

This retreat will follow two interweaving tracks to provide for your learning and transformation. You will receive both tracks in each session to support embodied, holistic learning ~ head and heart, body and mind.

TRACK ONE: Introspection and Reflection

Here’s what you’ll experience…

  • Tap into deep creativity and intuition through Yoga and movement practices, traveling beyond the conscious mind into the grounded wisdom of the body. Deep creativity is the fuel for a phenomenally successful business and life.
  • Create Your 10-Year Vision Plan through specific guided meditations and writing exercises. This vision becomes the foundation and guiding light that steadies you when making choices and decisions, even in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Fill your own cup with self-care and self-nurture by taking two delicious days completely for yourself. You will leave the retreat more able to provide strength, hope, and inspiration for your clients and family members.
  • Anchor new inspirations and integrate what you are learning with extended periods of journaling and meditation. Access increased clarity and a sense of groundedness for your next steps.
  • Open to the blessings of the full moon as well as from your sacred sisters to fill you with strength, joy, and peacefulness.

TRACK TWO: Best Practices and Business Techniques

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Teaching online, via group classes, private sessions, webinars, or premium workshops and retreats. You’ll see live examples with our clients showing you how they relatively seamlessly transitioned into the online world and a wider reach of clients, increasing your confidence and preparing you to do the same.
  • Options to increase your influence and your impact through writing and publishing personal essays, blog posts, chapter submissions, or even your own book! (It doesn’t have to be long to be impactful.) I’ll show you how to make it fun and easy.
  • How to prevent burnout and exhaustion with an empowered business model (which applies now or equally well when shelter in place is lifted)
  • How to find those ever-needed words for marketing and publicity, so people “get” you and want to purchase your product or service
  • How to set prices, especially in today’s environment (so important)
  • The 11 essential elements you need to fill your classes, workshops, or privates ~ whether online or off ~ and how to fit them all together in a new era
  • And perhaps most important of all ~ how to stay true to Yoga and your inner life while juggling the external demands of your business.
PLEASE NOTE: This is not some massive event where you will get lost in a sea of hundreds of faces. We keep our retreats – especially in this new online world – intimate and personal.

Here’s just some of what you can expect…

  • Personal support from our Sacred Business Woman leaders/coaches
  • Engaging sistermind sessions for small-group connection and collaboration
  • Access to my team on breaks and at lunch if you have questions

“My practice is full and I’m having a blast!”

“I cleared so much from working with you and attending your retreat! I asked myself “Do I really deserve to have this much fun and to be this fulfilled?” Of course that’s a big yes. And now my practice is full and I’m having a blast!

I developed my foundational workshop at your event, which I offer 4-5 times a month and it brings me new clients every time. My weekend retreats are also filled with amazing energy and power.

With the business model you taught, I was able to transition out of work I didn’t love and into what I know is my true calling. I am making the same income that I was before, but I’m working about half as much time.

You helped me to deeply integrate how sacred my work is as a Yoga teacher, and how sacred all of our work is.”

tJulie Norman
Body Image Guru
Yoga Teacher and Registered Dietician

“I got 25 students in my teacher training!”

“With the business model I learned from you, I was thrilled to get 25 students in my Teacher Training, while the previous year we had only 7. After 2 years in your program, we’re now offering studio classes, corporate wellness classes, and retreats.

Before I started working with you, it was painful to face my husband each month and say, “We didn’t break even again,” and depend on his income to cover rent. Now, my business is making multiple six-figures, and I don’t have to rely on my husband to make up the difference.
Even better, after seeing my results, I helped him apply the principles I learned to his international martial arts business ~ and his business grew dramatically. He was amazed and I was thrilled! The power dynamic has changed between us ~ now we’re really a team. It is so empowering!

Before, I was playing small, hiding behind the teachers I’d hired and letting them shine. I wasn’t letting myself shine. I love it now. Not only am I more confident personally, but I’m so much clearer about what my students want, so I’m better able to help them fulfill their hopes and dreams.”

Yanti Amos
Owner, Earth Yoga NYC
New York, NY

“By teaching online I gave myself a raise, plus more time to follow my intuition”

“When coronavirus hit I thought everything was going to go belly up. Truly I figured I was about to lose the majority of my income. Not so. With your support Laura, I transitioned my classes online and word is out so new students are joining in.

I consolidated my classes so I teach fewer hours, I’m not commuting, and my expenses are down because I’m not paying rent. I figure I just gave myself a $500 per month raise. My regular Friday class that used to have 12 students now has 20. My Zoom screen is full.

It’s very gratifying and is allowing me to dive deeper into my intuitive side. I can do my creative work more boundlessly. It’s a time now for me to feel into what comes next with generosity and openness.”

Esther Wyss-Flamm, PhD, MEd, E-RYT
Mindfulness Mentor at the Workplace and Beyond

“I feel so joyful and aligned with my purpose!”

“Before working with you, I felt frustrated and isolated. I had so many passionate ideas and no clue how to make them a reality. You surprised me with a new business model and led me step-by-step. When I gave my first workshop of original material, I felt so joyful and aligned with my purpose!

With your marketing and business tools, and the support I receive in this community, I was able to create and fill a new women’s circle and develop a signature program that increased my income more than $22K!

A lot of people give lip service to the Divine Feminine, Laura, but you actually embody it. I find a great deal of emotional safety working with you, and I feel your heart sincerity and presence. Thank you for helping me take action, and for being such an authentic model of what you teach.”

Maureen Murphy, DC
May Day Resilience,
Berkeley, CA

“I’m excited that I really can make a living doing what I love!”

“I had no idea how to pursue my passion AND make a living doing it. I had been teaching for over 20 years but never as my primary income. I struggled to find the words to describe what I offer in very clear, enticing language.

I had taught a lot of privates before, but you showed me how to craft powerful packages. You coached me how to invite people to work with me through workshops and private sessions – and in 1 month I sold 5 packages, grossing over $7000. I was thrilled!

What was really amazing, though, was when I stepped up into my edge, my clients stepped up into theirs. Their commitment is stronger. I’ve never seen such fast transformation for clients! I’m excited that I really can make a living doing what I love.”

Yukiko Amaya
Sundari Sacred Arts

“Teaching online is a social justice issue to me”

“I’m now teaching 4 sessions online per week of Slow, Mindful Yoga. I’m enjoying it and plan to continue at least some online classes once the stay-at-home order is lifted. Yoga online is accessible to my students, and this is an important social justice issue to me, especially as a cancer survivor. Some people can’t make it to an in-person class, either because of compromised immune systems or because they are going through treatment for cancer.

I wasn’t sure at first if teaching online would work for me and my students, but because of studying with you, I was able to make the shift fairly easily. I had an important leg up because of my experience with you in the Zoom environment. And figuring things out with the others in the group showed me new solutions to the challenges of client communication and outreach once we weren’t meeting in person. I’m feeling calm and optimistic, preferring this online teaching for now.”

Lori Taft Sours, PhD, CYT 200
Consider Yoga
Jacksonville, Oregon

“I am working from my heart-center and that feels great!”

“When I started my new coaching practice, I didn’t know how to get the word out. I thought it would just flow, but what I was saying wasn’t resonating with people. I was frustrated and overwhelmed – nothing was working.

In studying with Laura, I learned to talk powerfully to people about what I do. The shift inside of me, in the way I talk about my work, started attracting people, and without doing anything else different I got 6 coaching clients within 3 months! My new yoga class went from zero to 20 students. I had 26 women register for my first workshop, and I netted over $1000 – and it was the most delightful experience! With what I know now, it’s pretty much guaranteed income.

“I feel trust in myself, trust in the process, trust that I’m on the right track. I am working from my heart-center doing what I’m called to do. And that feels great!”

Patricia Joy
Las Vegas, NV

“Laura made it safe to go deep!”

“Laura is an excellent facilitator who helped bring us together as a group and made some really complex material easy to understand. Her vulnerability in sharing of herself helped us to bond and open up. The bond we formed in just one weekend was truly incredible; she made it safe to go deep! She was incredibly supportive throughout. I personally have gained so much from Laura’s teaching. Thank you!”

Marguerite Borba
Health Coach
Private Yoga Instructor
Marin, California
Because these are truly extraordinary times, we want to be sure you are ready to take best advantage of this live event. One week before the retreat, you’ll have access to these important preparation materials:
  • “Accessing Your Deeper Vision and Purpose” Audio Recording.
  • Accompanying pre-event preparation and mini-guidebook.
  • Best Practices for Teaching Movement (Yoga, Chi-Gong, Self-Massage, Dance etc.) Online PDF Guidebook. We want you to review this material IN ADVANCE of the event, so you can bring your challenges and questions to us.

What you get with your registration:


Two day live event, led by Laura with guest experts


Pre-event preparation materials


Support from our team and community


Facebook group with handouts and recordings of all sessions (posted within one week of the retreat)


EARLY REGISTRATION BONUS: Live preparation call held Monday, June 1, 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific. A recording will be sent to all who cannot attend live.

You have access to a FREE TICKET to this event as a current member of the Awakening Inner Circle. Important note: We are planning team and time based on the number of registrations. We would hate to turn anyone away when there was actually space available. If you register and later are a **NO SHOW** we will charge you a $95 no show fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of the retreat?

Friday and Saturday, June 5 & 6
8am – 4pm Pacific/ 11am – 7pm Eastern

What if I can’t make the entire retreat? I may need to miss some of it.

We understand that many people are busy these days. Some of our clients are now homeschool teachers and full-time caregivers on top of their own work and business. If you need to miss part of the retreat, we understand, and the recordings will be available within one week. Also, you are welcome to bring a child into your room with you if needed. I know one woman who will be bringing her baby!

That being said, if there is any way you can give yourself two full days for your own personal and business retreat, I highly recommend it. New insights and inspiration will flow to you at this retreat, and having the time blocked off away from your usual responsibilities will be a boon to your transformation. Turning off social media (other than the retreat Facebook group for handouts) and your phone are highly recommended.

What will the structure of the days be? I’m not sure I can handle being on Zoom all day.

At Divine Feminine Yoga we believe in integrated learning, not overwhelming you! Our sessions will include regular stretch and yoga mini-sessions, guided meditation, journaling, and breakout sistermind sessions, in combination with didactic teaching from Laura and guest experts. Even more, you will have two thirty-minute breaks (one each in the morning and the afternoon) plus a 60-minute lunch break ~ for getting outside, getting food or snacks etc.

In my year-long training and mentoring programs, we regularly include day-long, online retreat days in the schedule and I can assure you that clients tell us they find these days refreshing, nourishing, and inspiring. We expect you will find the same.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

All of the information on this page is a true and accurate representation of the results my clients and I have created with the systems I teach. This is not a done-for-you program, so you must participate fully and take action in order to learn and see results. Your success depends on your commitment, and there is no guarantee you will achieve the same results represented here.

I promise to deliver high-quality content and training. I’m confident you will get HUGE value.

I’ll even give you the chance to test-drive this retreat at no risk. You can attend the first day, and if you don’t like it, you may request a full refund.

Still have questions?

Please don’t be shy. We’re here to help! Ask any question about the Sacred Business Woman Retreat 2.0, and we’ll help you get clear if it’s the right fit for you.

You are very important to us. Once you submit a question, a knowledgeable member of the Divine Feminine Yoga team will email you personally to answer your questions.

I look forward to meeting you, and to supporting you in re-imagining, re-making and re-invigorating your life-serving, sacred business!

Sending so many blessings,

Laura J Cornell, PhD
Divine Feminine Yogini and Sacred Business Mentor
International-Bestselling Author, Moon Salutations: Women’s Journey Through Yoga to Healing, Power and Peace