Video Recordings

Session 1:

~ Introduction

~ Birthing the Wild Feminine Within Through Miscarriage, Adoption, and Childbirth, Esther Wyss-Flamm

~ Reclaiming the Female Body Through Abortion, Jen Antill

Session 2:

~ The Path to Healing for a Melanated Yogi, LaShanda Brown

~ The Power of Rest: Healing Magic for Midlife & Menopause, Cindi Buenzli Gertz

~ Healing My Broken Back Through the Divine Gift of Yoga, Deah Jenkins

~ Daughter of Devotion, Jennifer DeVille Catalano

Session 3:

~ A Skeptic Opens to the Miraculous, Hyla Hitchcox

~ Learning to Belong to Myself, Martha Chabinsky

~ Grief, Growth, and Sobriety,  Michelle Ann Collins

~ Beauty for Ashes, Angie Merritt

Session 4:

~ The Calm Within the Chaos of Special Needs Parenting, Jane Kleiman

~ How a Catholic Girl Went to India and Found the Other Half of Her Soul, Anne Conley Ondrey

~ My Life Path as a Divine Conduit, Lydie Ometto

Session 5:

~ A Mayan Healer Finds her Voice in a Foreign Land, Laura Hernandez

~ A Flow of Grace from Effort to Ease, Claire M Zovko

~ Sex and Love on the Path to Spiritual Growth, Laura J Cornell

~ Closing Celebration