You’re officially registered for Align Your Divine Business In Person Retreat, which means you’ve taken an important step toward growing a bountiful business in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW for these important access details:

Align Your Divine Business Virtual Retreat Access Information

Preparation and Connection Call: Tuesday, July 25 at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern.

Retreat Dates: Aug 4-6, Friday – Sunday, full days. One evening session. The retreat ends at 4pm Sunday.

Zoom Access for the preparation call:

OR Meeting ID: 250 367 1701
Passcode: ALIGN

THEN PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL INBOX for an important confirmation email from us.

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    1. Join our Pop-up Facebook Group, where we will be introducing ourselves, reflecting, learning, posting handouts, and more. You can start by watching my introduction video!
    2. Journal your emerging ideas and thoughts related to growing your business. As you sleep and dream between now and the retreat, continue to watch your feelings and desires.

Ask yourself, “How is my holistic teaching, coaching, or healing work a reflection of my life purpose? How would I like to align it even more closely with my life purpose?”

Keep a notepad by your bedside, and also next to you during meditation or movement practice. Watch what arises, and keep a running journal of what you notice.

AS A REMINDER… in this inspiring and transformative retreat, you will …

  • Learn the specific steps to turn your divinely-inspired wisdom into a unique, thriving program ~ whether online or in person.
  • Uncover 5 money blocks that hold spiritual women back ~ and how to transform your consciousness to attract abundance on all levels.
  • Make your program an authentic expression of your life purpose ~ so your business feels amazing (and delivers powerful results for your clients).
  • Expand your reach by finding your most profitable niche that genuinely resonates with you and your life mission (I’ll show you the top 20 niches for holistic healers)
  • Determine what joyful success looks like to you. Is it creating legacy? Income? Helping your family? Soulfulness? You get to choose.
  • Discover the 3 stages of business growth and the exact steps to get more clients at each level of growth.
  • Tell your life story in a way that magnetically attracts your ideal clients.
  • Unlock the archetypal power of the Goddess to grow your business.

And you’ll do this all in a feminine container of support and empowerment.

Get ready to create miracles & magic as you become initiated into the secrets of a Divine Feminine Business Goddess!

I look forward to spending time with you!

To living your purpose,