the Joyful Embodied Healer

A 40-Day Journey to Revitalize
Your Self-Love, Energy, and Purpose

Here is your recording of “Healing the Wounded Healer” Fireside Chat: 3 Keys to Nourish Your Soul so you can Give from an Overflowing Cup

❤️ Are you a holistic healer, teacher, or coach who frequently overgives ~ leaving you drained, depleted, or discouraged?

❤️ Do you sometimes wonder how you can support others when there’s still so much healing and growth to do yourself?

❤️ Do you long for personal renewal, a strengthening and expansion of your soul nourishment and joy practices?

❤️ Are you ready to make self-love a non-negotiable daily habit?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to establish the “5-5-5 Technique” as a daily habit, so that you can …

✔️ Reset your physical, mental and spiritual vitality in just 15 minutes a day

✔️ Clear negative energy that is holding you back

✔️ Develop your confidence and courage as a leader

✔️ Trust and follow your deepest desires

✔️ Show up fully for yourself and the people you serve

This is an exclusive invitation for the first cohort of…

The Joyful Embodied Healer: A 40-Day Journey to Revitalize Your Self-Love, Energy, and Purpose.

Enjoy my focused attention on your growth and the excitement of being part of something new.

The “5-5-5 Technique” illuminates your soul purpose daily by incorporating…

❤️ 5 minutes of embodiment ~ To get you out of your head and into the heart.

❤️ 5 minutes of visualization or meditation ~ To connect with the wisdom of your highest and best self.

❤️ 5 minutes of journaling ~ To channel what you receive into the written word so you can move forward with assurance and clarity.

PLEASE NOTE: The angel number 5-5-5 tells you that all that you long for is coming to you! Prepare for your dreams to become reality!


Waking up energized and excited for each day, looking forward to the clients and family members you get to connect with.

Speaking so kindly to yourself that your self-esteem naturally increases and you’re genuinely proud of your tenderness towards this most important person ~ YOU!

Having a full practice because your confidence is rock solid.

Comfortably holding boundaries, so you stop leaking energy and instead maintain your precious life force ~ and consciously CHOOSE where it is to be shared.

Being totally certain of which direction to take in life and business, because your purpose for this day is crystal clear, and you no longer waver between 20 different ideas?

Forty days is the time needed to build any new habit.

Yes, this is a fun course. But it’s also more than that.

If you are not creating the life and business of your dreams, if you are stuck on a plateau and need to uplevel your daily soul nourishment practice (or Goddess forbid you don’t have one)… this is the foundation of it all.

In this journey you will create the conditions for a successful, fulfilled life and business where you are able to get to the next level and hold it.

The people who accomplish a lot with enthusiasm and ease wake up and have a sacred routine that supports their mindset and connects with their soul first so they are able to be fully creative as they move through the day.

This course will put you solidly in that group. We’re going to get you set with a foundation you can maintain once this course is over ~ so you continue to experience the miracles that occur.

Again, forty days is the amount of time needed for deep transformation. Mid-way through the journey you will likely experience resistance, and when that happens, we’ll be there to catch you and support you in getting back on track, so you anchor in this practice and make it real for you.

What you will learn in this course:

On each of the 40 days you will receive a unique 5-5-5 Practice.

Together we will travel through THREE INTERWEAVING THEMES…

THEME 1: Actualize Self-Love

❤️ Make self-love a non-negotiable priority

❤️ Speak kindly to your body, no matter what

❤️ Give yourself grace by grieving your losses and forgiving your past

❤️ Release nagging fears and doubts that have been holding you back

THEME 2: Revitalize Your Energy

❤️ Play more frequently and with joyful abandon

❤️ Set clear boundaries and stop giving your energy away

❤️ Rebalance with holy rest any time you need rejuvenation

❤️ Enjoy your feminine sensuality and sexuality

THEME 3: Clarify Your True Purpose

❤️ Find and empower your unique voice and creativity

❤️ Connect with your guides and teachers

❤️ Envision new big juicy goals

❤️ Receive sister support to step out in the direction of your dreams

When does it start and what will our 40-day journey look like?

  • Starting this Valentine’s Day 2023 (February 14 ~ also known as V-Day), join me for a kick-off Self-Love Ceremony, providing an infusion of purpose, joy, and sisterhood.
  • Receive 2 new video practices every 3 days. Each practice guides you through the proven “5-5-5 Technique,” including embodiment, guided visualization, and specific journaling prompts on the theme of the day.
  • Receive a unique self-guided home practice every 3rd day. This helps you take the “training wheels” off and develop a genuine self-directed habit. Enjoy the practice in the comfort of your own home or take the instructions into the great outdoors to connect with Mother Nature in your transformation!
  • Meet together as a sisterhood three time with Laura. Receive personal support to create the life of your dreams, one that nourishes YOU as well as your clients.
  • Gather for our graduation ceremony at the end of the journey. Enjoy a closing ritual to cement your newly empowered intentions and goals.

What’s included in this 40-Day Journey?

  • 26 Video-Guided 5-5-5 Practices. Mix and match or choose the video you need most each day. This permanent library is yours to keep after the program, so you’ll be able to maintain the practice long after we’ve completed the program.
  • 13 Self-Guided 5-5-5 Practices ~ Delivered via written instructions and journaling pages so you can take the training wheels off and learn to do this on your own. Spend just 15 minutes on each unique practice, or extend for up to an hour or more!
  • Three live mentoring sessions with Laura. Receive personal guidance to create the life of your dreams, one that nourishes YOU as well as your clients.
  • Sacred support from your sisters. Enjoy intimate breakout groups during our coaching sessions PLUS connect on our private, off-Facebook networking site.
  • BONUS ONE: 26 Coloring Pages, one for each video practice. Support your creativity and set your soul free to doodle and dream along with the embodiment.
  • BONUS TWO: Three months complimentary access to your Sacred Wisdom Circles, 2 circles per month, 6 circles total over April, May, & June. These will support you in deepening and maintaining your new practice when our 40-Day Journey is complete.
  • BONUS THREE: A complimentary ticket to our 2-Day Online Retreat: Align Your Divine Business. Learn to build a bountiful business in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Choose from 2 date options, or gift your ticket to a friend! Monday-Tuesday, May 15 & 16, OR Friday-Saturday, June 23 & 24.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Yes Laura! I’m excited to join you for the Joyful Embodied Healer 40-Day Journey so I can Revitalize My Self-Love, Energy, and Purpose!

I know I will receive…

  • 26 Video-Guided 5-5-5 Practices.
  • 13 Self-Guided 5-5-5 Practices, each with clear written instructions.
  • Three live mentoring sessions with Laura, including sacred support from my sisters.
  • BONUS ONE: 26 Coloring Pages, one for each video practice.
  • BONUS TWO: Three months complimentary access to your Sacred Wisdom Circles, 2 circles per month, 6 circles total.
  • BONUS THREE: A complimentary ticket to our 2-Day Online Retreat: Align Your Divine Business. Choose from 2 date options, or gift your ticket to a friend!

Your investment: $795 or 5 payments of $177

Early-Bird investment (Through February 21, 2023 at 9pm Pacific):

One payment of $295

OR ~ Early-Bird Easy-Pay Option of 3 monthly payments of $108

* * * * * * * * * * * *

100% Money Back Guarantee ~ Love It or Leave It!

We understand that these are challenging times and you need to feel like you’re making a good investment, so naturally we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t thrilled with the value we provide, just email us within 30 days of enrolling in the program and we’ll issue you a full refund.

Please attend the Valentine’s Self-Love Ceremony live or watch the recording. Then simply turn in your completed homework assignments for any content released before your refund request to show that you’ve given this your best effort and, as long as that’s complete, we’ll refund your investment right away.

Meet Your Mentor:

Laura Jean Cornell, PhD, (Spiritual name Yogeshwari)…is an international best-selling author, speaker, and sacred business mentor who helps women heal ~ body, mind, and soul ~ so they can contribute to healing the planet.

In her 20s Laura suffered from anxiety & depression, chronic fatigue, and an eating disorder. Forging her own authentic path of healing, she transformed these difficulties into self-compassion, vibrant health, loving family relationships, and a joyful life of purpose and meaning.

Laura is the founder of two purpose-driven businesses, The Green Yoga Association and Divine Feminine Yoga. As founder of the Green Yoga Association, she produced two national conferences on Yoga and Ecology, sold 10,000 non-toxic mats through her living room, and was featured in Yoga Journal, LA Yoga, and 14 other magazines. 

As Founder of Divine Feminine Yoga she has produced 8 online conferences empowering women through yoga which have reached 30,000 women. She has mentored hundreds of spiritual women entrepreneurs and led 40 in-person retreats on business and leadership.

Her books are Moon Salutations: Women’s Journey Through Yoga to Healing, Power, and Peace and Awakening the Divine Feminine: 18 Stories of Healing, Inspiration, and Empowerment.


Hyla Hitchcox

Reiki Master, LMT

“A beautiful journey of sacred embodiment and self-awareness.”

“Laura masterfully weaves luscious movement practices with the power of journaling to delve deep.

Any woman who spends time with this process ~ a beautiful journey of sacred embodiment and self-awareness ~ will discover gems of wisdom, leading them to the wisdom within themselves.”

LaShanda Brown, PhD

Nurse Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

“Laura weaves these practices and more seamlessly together into a sustainable practice.”

“I love how Laura’s process integrates tools for soulful living.

I have practiced yoga, reflective journaling, mantras, and affirmations in the past. But Laura weaves these practices and more seamlessly together in a way that feels more like a sustainable practice than simply consuming information that you may or may not put to use later.

I love this work and look forward to incorporating it into my weekly practice.”

Andrea Allison Williams

Yoga Teacher & Editor

“…a great way to envision one’s future while having a lot of fun along the way.”

“Laura’s process is spellbinding! It is thought-provoking, to daydream about what life could be like. It will bring about a change in you as you engage with it and reiterate parts of your life while dreaming about your future.

It’s a great way to envision one’s future while having a lot of fun along the way.

Embrace your sacred wisdom and divine feminine being.”

Please join us!