Get The Proven Plan For Women Entrepreneurs to Grow a Bountiful Business in Alignment with Your Soul’s Purpose

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It’s time to serve the world more powerfully while growing your income.

After a global pandemic which turned both business and family life upside down, and after millenia of fear-making and war mongering on this planet, the need for women to step into our true power is greater now than ever.

As spiritual women we bring peace and healing to a world in need, but we can only do that if we’re coming from a place of abundance.

❖ Are you tired of working long hours as a holistic healer, teacher, or coach, and then struggling because your income is so low?

❖ Do you long for financial abundance, the ability to travel and live wherever you wish, while also fulfilling your life purpose?

❖ Are you ready to create your own unique program that will transform lives (and your income) into the future?

❖ Do you want to grow a profitable business that also grows you spiritually?

❖ And do you want to do all of this in a strong sisterhood community, guided by a loving mentor and coach?

If so, you’re in the right place.

I’m Laura Jean Cornell, PhD, and I’ve been mentoring spiritual women entrepreneurs for over 11 years to create the lives and businesses of their dreams.

Women tell me all the time, “Your work changes lives.” And it’s true. Women change profoundly when they work with me and spend time in our community.

At its core, I’m a business coach, but I’m actually so much more. I help women find and live their purpose. I help them embrace their worthiness and step into their greatness.

I help them speak honestly to their partners about money, and in the process improve their marriages, or leave them if need be. I help them come into alignment and live with joy.

I teach basic principles of business success, all within a feminine container of support and empowerment. I see the best in you and I help you and your professional life shine.

Having a successful business does not have to be difficult. I’ll show you how.

I’ve helped hundreds of women like you, spiritual women entrepreneurs who want a hand up with the practicalities of marketing and growing their programs, workshops, and private client base.

Before covid we held in-person 3-day events that helped women expand or jumpstart their businesses. (See their stories further down on this page.)

And now to make it easy for you to access this information, we have moved online. I recently led a 1-day virtual retreat, including over 6 hours of in-depth training.

You can get immediate access to these powerful video recordings, with on-demand access for your own integration and learning.

Please join me and a community of sacred women colleagues for…


50% off Replays Sale

I’ll show you how to create abundance and beauty in your business AND your personal life, so you honor yourself, your clients, your family, AND your spiritual purpose on this planet.

In these inspiring and transformative video recordings, you will…

  • Learn the specific steps to turn your divinely-inspired wisdom into a unique, thriving program ~ whether online or in person.
  • Uncover 5 money blocks that hold spiritual women back ~ and how to transform your consciousness to attract abundance on all levels.
  • Make your program an authentic expression of your life purpose ~ so your business feels amazing (and delivers powerful results for your clients).
  • Expand your reach by finding your most profitable niche that genuinely resonates with you and your life mission (I’ll show you the top 20 niches for holistic healers)
  • Determine what joyful success looks like to you. Is it creating legacy? Income? Helping your family? Soulfulness? You get to choose.
  • Learn the 11 essential elements you need to fill your programs, retreats, and private practice ~whether online or in person.
  • Create miracles & magic as you become initiated into the secrets of a Divine Feminine Business Goddess.

“Laura ~ what sets you apart as a teacher and coach?”

First, I’m committed to your spiritual growth:

Lots of other coaches talk about the “Divine Feminine,” but when you take their course, there’s no substance to those words.

In these recordings, I will actually show you how to harness the power of the Goddess ~ the Divine Feminine living within each of us ~ to grow your business. It’s something unique about what I do.

Second, I’m highly practical and ready to roll up my sleeves to help you succeed!

How many people do you know who have purchased 5, 10, or even 20K programs to create an online course, and years later, they have hardly implemented ANYTHING of what they learned?!

I’ll show you the biggest reason that other programs and other coaches fail, and what I recommend that’s different.

Third, the sisterhood community I attract is amazing.

Women come to me who are talented, smart, spiritual, and highly experienced. Many are in their second career or more, transitioning from corporate, medical, or professional careers into holistic health, coaching, and teaching.

Many have degrees, certifications, and extensive experience. Some have twenty, thirty, or even forty years experience in their chosen field. Together these women provide a powerful field of love to catalyze your growth.

And in these video replays you will get to witness the high caliber of women who are in our Divine Feminine community, energetically supporting you and cheering you on, even without your awareness!

Join Laura Jean Cornell, PhD help you succeed
Join Laura Jean Cornell, PhD help you succeed
Join Laura Jean Cornell, PhD help you succeed
Join Laura Jean Cornell, PhD help you succeed

Yanti Amos

Owner, Earth Yoga NYC

“I’m shining now… and my business is making multiple 6-figures!”

“Before I started working with you, it was painful to face my husband each month and say, ‘We didn’t break even again,’ and depend on his income to cover rent. Now, my business is making multiple six-figures, and I don’t have to rely on my husband to make up the difference.

Even better, after seeing my results, I helped him apply the principles I learned to his international martial arts business ~ and his business grew dramatically. He was amazed and I was thrilled! The power dynamic has changed between us ~ now we’re really a team. It is so empowering!

With the business model I learned from you, I was thrilled to get 25 students in my Teacher Training, while the previous year we had only 7. By adding just one incredibly powerful step to my sales process I added $38,000 to my income from the additional students. I was truly amazed!

Before, I was playing small, hiding behind the teachers I’d hired and letting them shine. I wasn’t letting myself shine. I love it now. Not only am I more confident personally, but I’m so much clearer about what my students want, so I’m better able to help them fulfill their hopes and dreams.

After 2 years in your program, we’re now offering studio classes, corporate wellness classes, and retreats. I feel excited now about what is possible for my business and for reaching more of the people I’m meant to serve.”

Maureen Murphy, DC

“I feel so joyful and aligned with my purpose!”

“Before working with you, I felt frustrated and isolated. I had so many passionate ideas and no clue how to make them a reality. You helped me take action after years of overwhelming myself.

You surprised me with a new business model and led me step-by-step. Within a few months I gave my first workshop of original material and felt so joyful and aligned with my purpose!

As a result, I now have 4 new private clients generating a total of over $1,500 in monthly revenues and I’m thrilled.

With your marketing and business tools I was able to create and fill a new women’s circle and develop a signature program that increased my income by more than $22K!

I know I can’t do it alone, and the truth is I don’t want to! I enjoy working with you and the community you’ve created. I find a great deal of emotional safety working with you, and I feel your heart sincerity and presence.

A lot of people give lip service to the Divine Feminine, but you actually embody it. Thank you for giving me a step-by-step map, and for being such an authentic model of what you teach.”

Patricia Joy, MA

“I am working from my heart-center and that feels great!”

“When I started my new coaching practice, I didn’t know how to get the word out. I thought it would just flow, but what I was saying wasn’t resonating with people.

I was frustrated and overwhelmed – nothing was working. In studying with Laura, I learned to talk powerfully to people about what I do.

The shift inside of me, in the way I talk about my work, started attracting people, and without doing anything else different I got 6 coaching clients within 3 months!

My new yoga class went from zero to 20 students. I had 26 women register for my first coaching workshop, and I netted over $1000 – and it was the most delightful experience! With what I know now, it’s pretty much guaranteed income.

I feel trust in myself, trust in the process, trust that I’m on the right track. I am working from my heart-center doing what I’m called to do. And that feels great!”

Christy Fisher, C-IAYT, CMA

“My income increased this year by $5000 per month!”

“Through working with your program I have shifted deeply in many ways. I’m making choices from a much more grounded place. Everything works better ~ I teach better, I’m more present, I’m more generous, I’ve settled more into who I am. ”

I’ve learned so much, really practical tools for my business. I’ve made hard decisions, but completely the best decisions for my studio ~ and we’ve drawn new teachers who are incredible.

I’m now much less stressed about money. My income increased this year by $5000 per month! I also started talking more openly with my husband about money, and I feel so good about that. I had never shared with him before in this way.

The support in the program has been tremendous. Support literally comes at you from all angles! All of the other women are really wonderful too. It was not as hard as I thought it would be ~ it’s actually been fun!”

It’s time to find your spiritual purpose and claim that in your work.

If you are ready to step into a whole new level of service in your holistic teaching, coaching, or healing practice, I invite you to join me and our Divine Feminine Business Coaching Community.

BOUNS 1: ($495 value)
Celebration and Next Step Call with me

Join Laura Jean Cornell, PhD help you succeed

After going through the replays you’ll likely want to celebrate your newly-aligned business plans and vision. And I’d love to hear about them. I’m eager to meet and support you.

Also, you may have questions about how to apply the material to your specific situation. And you’ll want feedback on your best next steps moving forward!

So I’ve added in this bonus time with me, where we can address your most important questions after the training.

In this 30-minute, private Zoom call:

  • You’ll share your top insights and takeaways.
  • I’ll listen to your business vision and goals and make an expert recommendation for what you need to make them real.
  • We’ll explore challenges or learning gaps you face in reaching your goals.
  • And if you and I mutually agree it’s a fit, we will extend the time beyond 30 minutes to discuss Sacred Business Coaching options that would best support you moving forward.

IMPORTANT: In order to qualify for this one-on-one bonus call with me, you must complete all six hours of the training and fill out the associated short-form handouts within 60 days of your purchase.

These “handouts” are easy-to-complete, automated forms where I can see your progress as you apply the retreat material to your own business.

I love seeing women grow and transform! It is truly my pleasure to speak with you.

BONUS 2: ($195 value)
Two Follow-Up Q&A  Sessions

Recordings of 2 separate Q&A calls, covering frequently asked questions other students had at the end of the day.

These group support calls will help to clear up any misconceptions or confusion you might have after completing the training.

Yes Laura, I’m ready to create beauty and abundance while growing my income!

I know my registration includes:

  • Six hours of transformative learning and retreat. ($297 value)
  • Detailed handouts, templates, and checklists to accompany all material covered.
  • Short, easy-to-complete online forms to apply what I’m learning to my own business.
  • BONUS 1*: ($495 value) A 30-Minute Celebration and Next Step Call with Laura to share what I learned and get your expert feedback.
  • BONUS 2: ($195 value) Two separate Q&A sessions, covering frequently asked questions other students had at the end of the day.

* In order to qualify for this bonus call, I know I must complete all 6 primary hours of training and all short online forms within 60 days of purchase.

Total Value: $987

Align Your Divine Business Replays Regular Tuition: $590


Having an empowered business ~ and the option of virtual teaching if desired ~ brings incredible FREEDOM.

My husband and I relocated during the pandemic to Sedona, Arizona, an amazing location of sacred red rocks; pine and cactus; and conscious, loving people.

Because my business was online, I could choose basically ANYWHERE I wanted to live!

I had previously led 7 virtual conferences empowering women through Yoga, and I had an online practice of coaching, teaching and providing leadership training for women.

When my husband had a health crisis one year later (my beloved Jim experienced a stroke in September, 2021), I was able to slow down as much as he needed, for as long as needed.

Even after Jim’s stroke, I was still able to still see the clients I love, working very part-time hours.

No one wants to face a health emergency. Having a stroke truly sucks, even for people who seek to find the good in all situations.

But the truth is, life happens. Sometimes family needs us.

And when a crisis hits, it is priceless to be able to pivot and take care of those you love, without sacrificing meaningful work or having to give up on your vision.

Having a leveraged business that doesn’t take a lot of time, plus knowing how to make your work financially SUCCESSFUL, is a relief in challenging times.

Are YOU ready to make this shift, and to learn how to have an empowered business?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this course designed more for the beginning or the highly experienced practitioner?

I’ve worked with total newbies to their profession who are just starting out in business. AND… I’ve helped women with decades of experience who are highly respected in their communities. What all of these women have in common is a desire to reach and serve their clients more powerfully while also growing spiritually themselves.

You say that you help women to create a bountiful income. What if my business is a non-profit?

Many of my clients long to create a healthy income so they can live with ease and meet their financial goals. At the same time, for some of my clients, money is not an important motivator. And yes, some of my clients work in or direct non-profit organizations.

But please realize, non-profits do need to make money in order to stay in business! The principles you will learn in this program will help your work to survive and thrive, whether located in a non- or a for-profit business.

I don’t have a big social media presence. Will this work for me?

Absolutely. As you can see if you go look at my Facebook feed, I’m not a big social media person either!

If social media is your thing, that’s great, and for some women, it’s an important tool in growing a following. But it is not essential, at all, and I will show you ways to grow your income WITHOUT(or with) social media.

I have another question.

Please don’t be shy. We’re here to help! Ask any question about the Align Your Divine Business Retreat, and we’ll help you get clear if it’s the right fit for you.

Christa Rypins

Owner, Intelligent Body Movement Studio Murphys, CA

“My income doubled in just one year!”

“Before working with Laura, I had been teaching yoga for 20 years – and I felt stuck. I owned a busy studio and taught national workshops, weekly classes, a full schedule of private clients, I even wrote articles for yoga magazines, but it never added up.

I actually felt embarrassed by my income. I knew the secrets of the universe in the body, but I didn’t know how to make a living.

Now I’m connecting the dots between everything I do, so it’s a system. Laura showed me how to put all the pieces together and earn good revenue from my retreats. My income doubled in just one year!

The internal shift in me is gigantic. Laura’s methods bring out something better in me, so the transformation my clients get is even bigger than before.

Worrying about money sucks the life force out of me, even more than hot flashes! I am more powerful as a teacher now because I am no longer stuck. I can’t say enough good about the program.”

Yukiko Amaya

“I really can make a living doing what I love!”

“I had no idea how to pursue my passion AND make a living doing it. I had been teaching for over 20 years but never as my primary income. I struggled to find the words to describe what I offer in very clear, enticing language.

I had taught a lot of privates before, but you showed me how to craft powerful packages. You taught me how to invite people to work with me through workshops and private sessions – and in 1 month I sold 5 packages, grossing over $7000. I was thrilled!

What was really amazing, though, was when I stepped up into my edge, my clients stepped up into theirs. Their commitment is stronger. I’ve never seen such fast transformation for clients! I’m excited that I really can make a living doing what I love.”

Jane Montgomery

“I finally blossomed from my feminine power center!”

“When I started working with you, I was draining my energy in so many ways. I was teaching umpteen classes each week, plus random workshops in many areas, and I felt alone, unsuccessful and losing my passion.

I couldn’t work any harder, but I still wasn’t making enough money. I knew I needed to change but didn’t know what else to do.

You guided me through deep soul searching, and modeled how to bloom my deepest passion into the world and have financial success too!

I just enrolled 11 women into my dream program and made $26,000 from that one offering. I’m marveling at how confident I’ve become and how I’m getting more financial commitment from my students. Instead of getting smaller, I feel my potential is still unfolding after many years of experience.

I couldn’t have done this without the strong plan you gave me, or without the support of the other women in your program. I finally found my voice and blossomed from my feminine power center!”

Katie Campione

Fort White, Florida

“I love marketing now!”

“Before meeting you I’d been praying for someone to help me grow my business. My student body was diminishing.

With your guidance I created a new workshop (and filled it!), doubled my classes, and added private clients in my specialty of critical illness/end of life. My income more than quadrupled in four months!

My number one obstacle before was marketing, but now, I’m just like the ever-ready battery. I love marketing! I feel so much lighter and clearer and more enthusiastic.

I love that you marry the spiritual with the seemingly mundane aspects of business. You are a true mentor and I am impressed by the depth of your instruction and grateful for your consistent and sincere kindness. Thank you for helping me shine!”

Why does any of this matter?

The world needs your healing medicine. As you let your light shine, your clients will shine as well. As you heal yourself, you help to heal the world.

Facing your money demons and creating healthy revenues is a powerful form of SELF-LOVE!

It’s time to step out of the shadows ladies. The Goddess wants you to shine. She doesn’t want you to play small!

When you live your full beauty in this lifetime, it’s a gift you give to yourself, and a gift to all beings.

Will you join us?

With all my love,

Laura Jean Cornell, PhD

Divine Feminine Business Success Coach

International Bestselling Author, Moon Salutations: Women’s Journey Through Yoga to Healing, Power and Peace and Awakening the Divine Feminine: 18 Stories of Healing, Inspiration, and Empowerment

Ivy Ingram, MA, AP

Ayurveda and Health Coaching

“I’m now earning over $4000 per month!”

“Before working with you I was slogging along one day after the other and I just wasn’t seeing any fruit from that work. I felt disheartened and alone, like I was hitting my head against the wall and not getting anywhere.

You taught me how to use workshops to get my name out in this new city, and people see me as an expert now. I recently filled two sections full of my all-new class “Going Deeper With Yoga and Ayurveda,” and I know I couldn’t have done it without your help.

Due to the specific steps you gave me, more people sign up for my private sessions after I give a workshop. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made to have your support Laura!

You taught me step by step so that I can feel more calm and confident and succeed at making a living doing what I love. In 6 months I went from earning $1200 to over $4000 per month. You have been so super helpful!”

Yulia Azriel

“I’m contributing to my family!”

“When I took Laura’s program I got really clear about the direction I was going. I’ve created powerful private and group offerings that are so desired by the women I work with, they fill up with ease. My confidence as a teacher has grown exponentially.

Before, I was earning $3600 total (teaching 5 to 11 classes per week at the Y!). In my first year in the program, I started a home studio, a women’s circle and privates, and I grossed $13,000. The next year it went up to $30,000, and last year I made $30,000 working only 6 months!

My husband became a lot more at ease. I used to make fun of him for tracking numbers. At first, I had this huge block about money ~ I felt like it was bad. Now I’ve learned how to market in a way that feels good to me, in alignment with my spiritual values.

Being able to contribute financially to our family really helped my relationship with my husband. He was able to let go of work that he didn’t really love. He has seen me transform from never believing in myself, and that has inspired him to go for his dreams as well. I’m so grateful!

I’ve always been very shy and didn’t believe with my shy nature I could be a great teacher. Laura helped me uncover the roots of this limiting belief and build my dream business.

I’m thrilled about the direction my business has taken and I’m grateful to the Divine Feminine community of women who support and uplift each other and constantly give each other feedback. I would recommend this program to every teacher who would like to take her work to a different level.”

Cindi Buenzli Gertz

Women’s Midlife Mentor

“I didn’t think it would be that easy!”

“I am very excited about what’s happening in my business since I started working with you. I have seven new private clients, and it’s been wonderful so far. I love these women!

I followed the exact steps you taught me to enroll my ideal clients, and my jaw practically dropped when each one of them said yes. I didn’t think it would be that easy! I can feel the pressure coming off in other areas of my business.

I realized that those 7 private clients equal almost 20 students in my group classes, and it’s allowing me to relax and cut back on the number of classes I offer. I’ve been longing for comfort and ease, and that’s exactly what is coming to me now! I’m moving deeper into the work I love most.”

Jane Meinz, MA

Wise Wonderful Woman, LLC

“In my first online launch, I grossed $6000!”

“In my first online launch, I grossed $6000, and in my second, over $7500. I’ve never made that much from one class!

In addition, using the business principles I learned through Divine Feminine Yoga, I helped my husband grow his business as a metal artist over 400%, from $8000 to $36,000, in just one year.

The best part is having clients who are hungry to hear what I have to say. I just love working with these women ~ I don’t have to work so hard to get them into a program! And it’s such a relief to me to have my work be fruitful and see the positive impact on my students.

This has been an incredible journey for me and I feel like a different person. I went from feeling so many fears to just feeling awe. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Marguerite Borba

Health Coach
San Rafael, California

“Laura made it safe to go deep!”

“Laura is an excellent facilitator who helped bring us together as a group and made some really complex material easy to understand. Her vulnerability in sharing of herself helped us to bond and open up. The bond we formed in just one weekend was truly incredible; she made it safe to go deep!

She was incredibly supportive throughout. I personally have gained so much from Laura’s teaching. Thank you!”