Are you ready to serve the world more powerfully while growing your income?

Join me to create your sustainable business, filled with Divine Feminine wisdom and love.

The Sacred Business Woman Retreat

Three-Day Live Event

November 18 – 20, 2016, San Francisco Bay Area
November 30 – December 2, 2016, Columbus, Ohio

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of working long hours as a yoga teacher or other conscious healer, and then struggling because your income is so low?

Or maybe you’re worried that you don’t even know what it takes to grow your business, and you feel like you’ll never be able to make this a sustainable career.

If you’re like me, you have a PASSION to serve the world. You know the Goddess put you here for a purpose, and you’d LOVE to fulfill it!

But you just don’t know how, because no one has ever shown you.

Maybe all the effort to grow your business feels unbalancing, like you’re sacrificing your commitment to inner peace and groundedness.

Or you may have taught for years, but somehow you’re not living up to your true brilliance. You’re not giving your deepest gifts, and it feels so frustrating.

Do you have these questions about how to create your sacred, sustainable business?

  • “How do I get people excited about what I have to offer?”
  • How do I get known, so more people come to my classes and retreats?”
  • “How do I get students to sign up long term, rather than just visit a class?”
  • “How do I set prices? It’s all a big mystery to me!”
  • “How do I stay true to my yoga and inner life, while juggling so many external demands like social media and email?”
  • “How do I get my volunteers and paid staff to do what they say they will? They always flake out when I need them most.”
  • “How do I create an empowered business model that will succeed long term, while also giving me freedom and ease?”

The Sacred Business Woman Retreat will help you build your teaching practice so it’s sustainable ~ both personally and professionally.

In just 3 days, you’ll discover the secrets to create the RIGHT programs, reach the people you are meant to serve, and inspire them to say “Yes!” on the spot.

Here’s what the Sacred Business Woman Retreat will look like…

Day 1: Empower Your Mindset

  • Embrace and express the power of your mission to transform lives
  • Learn the spiritual laws of prosperity ~ and how to make them work for you!
  • Soften into your feminine essence and strength ~ so you become more magnetic and naturally attract the clients you long for.
  • Gain the confidence to share your message widely
  • Prepare to achieve your vision with smart, structured offerings that will improve your bottom line
  • Celebrate with a special party in honor of the Divine Feminine


Day 2: Empower Your Actions

  • Learn surefire strategies to get more people excited about your work
  • Learn how to inspire students to enroll on the spot from public talks, free classes, and workshops
  • Understand how to set prices for privates and groups
  • Learn 5 new ways to harness the growing power of the internet ~ while staying true to your purpose as a conscious healer or yoga teacher
  • Tell your personal story in a way that inspires your ideal clients to believe in themselves ~ and genuinely want to work with you!


Day 3: Empower Your Business

  • Learn how to skillfully remove resistance to your higher priced programs and services, so more clients enthusiastically (and gratefully!) enroll
  • Feel comfortable setting boundaries with your clients, your team, and yourself!
  • Embody the inner stance needed to create a sustainable business that serves both your higher purpose ~ and the world
  • Learn my steps to plan your marketing calendar while staying grounded and relaxed in your body.
  • Go home filled with joyful memories (and a whole lot smarter about how to create your sacred business)

And enjoy daily yoga and ritual to integrate your learning.



Julie Norman
Body Image Guru
Yoga Teacher and Registered Dietician

“My practice is full and I’m having a blast!”

“I cleared so much from working with you and attending your retreat! I asked myself “Do I really deserve to have this much fun and to be this fulfilled?” Of course that’s a big yes. And now my practice is full and I’m having a blast!

I developed my foundational workshop at your event, which I offer 4-5 times a month and it brings me new clients every time. My weekend retreats are also filled with amazing energy and power.

With the business model you taught, I was able to transition out of work I didn’t love and into what I know is my true calling. I am making the same income that I was before, but I’m working about half as much time.

You helped me to deeply integrate how sacred my work is as a Yoga teacher, and how sacred all of our work is.”


Tina Pritchard
Yoga Therapist
Media, PA

“I am amazed at the flood of ideas that came at the retreat. . .”

“Before Laura’s retreat, I struggled with creating a plan to grow my business. At the event, I felt so supported by the community of inspiring women, and I am amazed at the flood of ideas that came to me!

I received the tools and clarity to move forward into an abundant future ~ I could see the sequence of steps to make my vision unfold. Now that I’m clearer, I’m much more able to put myself out there.

I’m growing a referral network, and it feels so exciting. So many gifts are coming to me out of the blue now!”


Susan Whitaker
Studio Owner and Yoga Teacher Canyon Spirit Yoga
Auburn, CA

“9 people signed up for my series before I started marketing it!”

“Two years ago, I was feeling burned out and in danger of losing the great love that I have for yoga. I was uninspired and tired. Although I had been teaching yoga for 30 years, I didn’t feel worthy of charging what I know I’m worth.

Embracing my role as a Sacred Business Woman brought me a huge surge of creativity, and I was able to free myself from the administrative work of my studio and pursue my passions more. And people are writing checks! I was astounded that 9 people signed up immediately for my newest workshop series before I even started marketing it!

I’ve started offering really deep, personal programs that I hadn’t even thought of before. As I’ve gotten excited, I’ve attracted more private clients and my classes are full. I have so much more confidence and inspiration – it feels amazing!”


Christa Rypins
Owner, Intelligent Body Movement Studio
Murphys, CA

“I’m more powerful now as a teacher!”

“Before working with Laura, I had been teaching yoga for 20 years – and I felt stuck. I owned a busy studio and taught national workshops, weekly classes, a full schedule of private clients, I even wrote articles for yoga magazines, but it never added up. I actually felt embarrassed by my income. I knew the secrets of the universe in the body, but I didn’t know how to make a living.

At Laura’s retreat, I felt completely seen by her and I immediately knew she was the coach for me. Now I’m connecting the dots between everything I do, so it’s a system – one piece grows the next.

I’ve increased my income by 50% – and it’s only June! The internal shift in me is gigantic. Laura’s methods bring out something better in me, so the transformation my clients get is even bigger than before. I am more powerful as a teacher because I am no longer stuck. I can’t say enough good about the program.”


Laura, can you tell us about the location?


We’ve chosen the Embassy Suites Hotels for our San Francisco and Columbus, Ohio events. These hotels are BEAUTIFUL! Centered around an atrium filled with lush plants and greenery, the serene environment is perfect for our retreats.

A free cooked-to-order breakfast including yogurt, fruit, eggs and lots more is included in your stay. All Embassy Suites rooms are actually 2-room suites with 2 double beds or 1 king size bed, refrigerator, microwave and coffeemaker. A pull-out couch in the living room and 2 double beds in the bedroom make it easy to share with 1 or 2 others. (We’ll even help you find a roommate on our Facebook page!)

In San Francisco: Our retreat is located in Walnut Creek near the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), providing easy access from the Oakland and San Francisco International Airports.

In Columbus, Ohio: We’ll be centrally located in the town of Dublin with access to cultural and recreational opportunities, including the Scioto River, parks and greenway.  All under 30 minutes from the Columbus Airport!

Is it important to stay at the hotel?

We encourage you to stay at the host hotel if at all possible, for the sake of ease and to allow yourself to be fully immersed in the transformative power of the retreat. Staying at the host hotel is the best way to assure you are well rested and on time for all sessions, plus to easily retire for a short break at meals.



Please register right away to save your seat.

Ok, I’m ready to sign up. Tell me what to do next!

“Yes Laura, I’m ready to serve the world more powerfully while growing my income as a Sacred Business Woman!”

Save my seat at the event

Please Choose Your Location

Price $997

San Francisco Bay Area, Friday – Sunday, Nov. 18 – 20, 2016 beach

Price $997

Columbus, Ohio Area, Wednesday – Friday, Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2016

Cancellation Policy: We look forward to serving you well and plan staff and materials for your arrival. Your tuition includes a non-refundable $108 deposit. If we receive 3 weeks (21 days) notice before the start of your retreat, amounts above $108 will be refunded to you. After 3 weeks before the start of the retreat, you will receive a credit toward any program Divine Feminine Yoga offers within the next 12 months.

Still have questions?

Please don’t be shy. We’re here to help!

Kathie Jaskolski, Owner, Stillwaters Yoga
Intuitive Business Coach

“I’m more magnetic now!”

“You helped me become clearer in holding my power. You believed in me when I would have been tempted to collapse. You helped me see and own my value ~ and it’s working! I notice how confident and powerful it feels to be paid well now. It’s like I’ve become more magnetic! More people are wanting to be my client and are happily paying my new (higher) fees.

I went from 5 private clients per month to 13 per month, I doubled the attendance at my Reiki trainings, and have a much higher turnover into follow up sessions now than ever before. Thank you for stepping so bravely into the deepest purest part of yourself Laura and for modeling for all of us how to do that.”

Katie Campione
Fort White, Florida

“My income more than tripled!”

“Before meeting you I’d been praying for someone to help me grow my Yoga business. My student body was diminishing. With your guidance I created a new workshop (and filled it!), doubled my classes, and added private clients.

My income more than tripled in four months! My number one obstacle before was marketing, but now, I’m just like the ever-ready battery. I love marketing! I feel so much lighter and clearer and more enthusiastic. I love that you marry the spiritual with the seemingly mundane aspects of business.

You are a true mentor and I am impressed by the depth of your instruction and grateful for your consistent and sincere kindness. Thank you for helping me shine!”


Marguerite Borba
Health Coach
Private Yoga Instructor
Marin, California

“Laura made it safe to go deep!”

“Laura is an excellent facilitator who helped bring us together as a group and made some really complex material easy to understand. Her vulnerability in sharing of herself helped us to bond and open up. The bond we formed in just one weekend was truly incredible; she made it safe to go deep! She was incredibly supportive throughout. I personally have gained so much from Laura’s teaching. Thank you!”

I look forward to meeting you, and supporting you in growing your sustainable, sacred business at the retreat!

Sending so many blessings,

Laura Cornell, PhD
Divine Feminine Yogini and Yoga Teacher Mentor


P.S. Where will you be in three months? Still frustrated and confused? Still facing money fears? I welcome you to join us for this retreat, so you can get started on a new path to owning and empowering YOUR sacred business, and your mission to serve the world. Join us!


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