We look forward to seeing you at the
Sacred Business Woman Retreat!

And now we invite you to the
Goddess Meal Program…

In the past, many of our guests have requested a meal plan to make their lives easier during the Sacred Business Woman Retreat ~ and we strive to serve! So we are excited to offer you the Goddess Meal Program.

With this meal plan, you will have a hot meal waiting for you as soon as the program session ends each morning. Yum!

Even better, we’ve organized valuable GoddessMind Support Sessions for you over lunch, where you get to discuss and reinforce your latest “a-ha’s” and breakthroughs with other participants, our highest level clients, and even my team! These relaxed GoddessMind Support Sessions will be facilitated by our Divine Feminine Leaders, whose intent is for you to have the most awesome experience at the retreat possible.

This opportunity is priceless ~ to get that extra support and one-on-one connection that could make all the difference for you.

In addition to the delicious meals and facilitated GoddessMinding, we are also including a pre-retreat bonus training: “Unexpected Blessings and the Birth of Goddess Lakshmi.” You will receive the audio recording and accompanying materials in advance of the retreat to help you prepare. My retelling of the inspiring story of Lakshmi’s birth serves as a powerful metaphor for birthing your own business. You will receive journaling questions related to Lakshmi’s birth, which you can apply to your own life and business, or use verbatim with your students in your own workshop or retreat!

Participating in the Goddess Meal Program gives you these benefits:

  • Facilitated networking with and support from our highest-level clients, where you can ask questions, share insights and gain valuable ideas, all over a relaxing lunch.

  • A hot buffet meal ready the moment you step out of the program each day, accommodating a variety of dietary needs, including gluten-free, dairy-free, meat and vegetarian options.

  • Extra time to enjoy a relaxing walk or a nap in your room since you won’t have to search or wait in line to be served and pay at other restaurants.

  • The inspiring pre-retreat bonus training “Unexpected Blessings and the Birth of Goddess Lakshmi” including a retelling of the story of Lakshmi’s birth from the great churning of the cosmic Ocean of Milk.

It’s important to me that you are well rested, well fed and that you get the optimal learning experience!

Participating in the Goddess Meal Program is a delicious way to create more ease during your retreat, freeing up time for you to rest and connect meaningfully with others rather than search for meals. And applying Goddess Lakshmi’s story to your own experience birthing your Sacred Business brings you a deeper spiritual perspective on the inner churning, the dangers, and the unexpected blessings involved.

Yes Laura, include me in the
Goddess Meal Program!

I know I’ll receive:

  • Facilitated GoddessMinding with Divine Feminine Leaders over lunch

  • 3 delicious buffet meals (each day of the program)

  • Bonus pre-retreat training: “Unexpected Blessings and the Birth of Goddess Lakshmi”

  • Accompanying teaching materials and journaling prompts to use with myself (or my students!)

Cost: $97

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