Attention yoga teachers and other conscious healers:

Are you ready to serve the world more powerfully with your gifts while earning the healthy income you deserve?

I talk to so many yoga teachers who have amazing skill in what they offer, but no idea how to run a business.

No wonder, because no one ever taught us how to handle money, or how to create a thriving practice!

You have a powerful message that the world needs to hear, but if no one can find you, no one benefits. And if you don’t have a clear structure that’s profitable, you’re going to be stressed out and overwhelmed.

You’ll feel stuck, like you’re playing small. In the end, the world loses, because we need what you have to share.


If you’re like most of my clients, you’re probably struggling with your thoughts and feelings about money…

  • You LOVE teaching, but get totally uncomfortable whenever it’s time to discuss prices or your boundaries with your students
  • You wish you could go to more training and Yoga retreats, but don’t feel you can afford it
  • Your financial statements are a mess, and you don’t know where you stand
  • You undercharge, or give away too much for free, and then end up resenting how little you make
  • You are afraid to hire staff, because you think you can’t afford it, so you end up doing everything by yourself, which totally wipes you out

If you can relate, I want to help you move through that icky feeling about money, so you can grow your teaching practice with Divine Feminine freedom and joy.

It’s time to step up ~
the world is waiting for your brilliance.

I’m passionate about showing yoga teachers how to thrive in this profession. Because when we as yoga teachers thrive, the world benefits. Your work is to create greater health, peace, and joy on the planet. What more important work is there!

A business that is prospering can grow ~ the owner is relaxed, and the business can fulfill its Goddess-given mission. A stressed-out, overwhelmed business can’t grow. When you’re struggling to stay alive, you can’t reach all of the people you’re here to serve.

Join me in busting through the fears and doubts with the Money Freedom Bliss Camp!

I created the Money Freedom Bliss Camp to help you:

  • Feel comfortable talking about, giving, and receiving money
  • Have the confidence to share your message widely, even if you’re shy.
  • Find the perfect words to describe what you do, so your ideal students are eager to sign up
  • Know the exact steps to fill your classes, workshops, and programs ~ while staying true to yourself and connecting from the heart
  • Find peace with your financial management – I’ll show you simple systems to make the accounting process easy and fun
  • Learn the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, and how to make them work for you
  • Step into the consciousness of Goddess Lakshmi, and receive the blessing of her love and miracles

Learn my highly effective 4-Step Process to Financial Peace and Prosperity so you can live with ease, comfort, and generosity…

In the Money Freedom Bliss Camp, I’ll be showing you my 4-Step Process to Financial Peace and Prosperity.

This is the same process that helped me go from living in financial fear and struggle to living with trust and abundance.

When it comes to having a bigger impact, knowing how to make peace with money ~ so you can succeed in your divinely inspired business ~ is essential.

I want you to find abundance and joy in your life too, and I know this is possible for you.

Here’s the overview of what you’re going to learn in the Money Freedom Bliss Camp:

Day 1: Mindset

Learn The 4-Step Process to
Financial Peace and Prosperity

Step 1: Get Confident and Clear

  • Learn my easy systems to track your numbers, so your financial records are orderly – and you feel relaxed
  • Make money decisions from a place of ease and clarity

Step 2: Live with Generosity and Love

  • Learn the spiritual principle of dana (tithing) so you fully enjoy the sacred flow of giving and receiving
  • Watch miracles unfold as you learn prosperity principles ~ and apply them in your own life

Step 3: Connect with the Vision in your Heart

  • Surrender the care of your financial life ~ and your business ~ to the Divine
  • Set heart-centered goals, and release their accomplishment to Goddess Lakshmi

Step 4: Address Fear of Failure and Fear of Success

  • Grow in self-confidence as you release fears and doubts that have been holding you back for years
  • Release judgments of wealthy people as you figure out who YOU want to be in the world

Day 2: Action

Learn the Exact Steps to Reach Your Ideal Students,
Connect with their Heart, and have them
say “Yes!” to your Classes and Programs

Step 1: Find the Words

  • Learn how to describe what you do in a way that connects immediately with the heart of your ideal client
  • Get my templates and tools for easy market research, so you understand what your students truly need and want

Step 2: Evaluate your Options

  • Learn to make empowered choices about which classes and workshops to pursue first, so you save years of wasted time and effort
  • Get new ideas for great places to offer classes, and templates for workshop formats and pricing that will strengthen your offerings while serving your students more deeply

Step 3: Fill your Initial Offerings

  • Create a flier or email promotion that educates, engages, and inspires your ideal students, so they are eager to attend. (Learn from my sample fliers for 5 different types of classes)
  • Know the steps to take (even get a promotion schedule!) to reach out to your people for three key formats: a free class, a short workshop, and a year-long yoga circle

Step 4: Enroll Students in the Next Step

  • Know how and when to make that crucial invitation, so that students attending your free class sign up for the ongoing series, or students in one workshop sign up on the spot for the next.
  • Receive sample scripts and templates for the three key formats above, so you don’t have to worry about what to say!

Christa Rypins,
Intelligent Body
Movement Studio,
Murphys, CA

“I’m more powerful as a teacher now.”

“Before working with Laura, I’d been teaching yoga for 20 years – and I felt stuck. I owned a busy studio and had a full schedule of national retreats, weekly classes, and private clients, but it never added up. I actually felt embarrassed by my income.

Laura showed me how to put all the pieces together and earn good revenue from my retreats. My income doubled in just one year. The internal shift in me is gigantic. Laura’s methods bring out something better in me, so the transformation my clients get is even bigger than before.”

Sharon Byrnes,
Yoga Teacher,
Cincinnati, Ohio

“I went from 2 private clients to 9!”

“Having an experienced and successful business woman for a mentor has been responsible for the fact that I now work much smarter and my business income has doubled in less than 4 months. I went from having 2 private clients to having 9! My work became more goal-oriented and productive with every conversation.

Collaborating with peers who were also taking Laura’s program really helped me at times when I felt “stuck” or at a loss for juicy words or phrases for marketing materials. I highly recommend Laura’s program. The overall support has been priceless.”

Robin Laufer,
Yoga Teacher,
South Nyack, NY

“I filled my first ever workshop series”

“My soul was searching for a way to get started. I knew I needed to invest in myself; I knew I was worth it. So many things that I learned from you are already happening. I’m launching my first ever workshop series, and I have 12 people signed up for the full series. Six more are coming to the first event.

It felt so daunting at first, but you helped clarify what would excite me. Thank you Laura! I feel light in my heart, and every time I speak to you I feel so much more energized.”

Olga Amrita Danilevich,
Yoga Teacher,
Markham, Ontario

“Laura’s program inspired me to make my dreams come true.”

“Laura’s program inspired me and gave me lots of tools for making my dreams come true! In 1 month after taking her seminar, I’ve started to teach 4 new groups!

She showed me so skillfully how to do short and long-term planning, how to create my own niche. Laura is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive. I am still processing information that she shared with us and look forward to participate in her future retreats. Thank you, Laura!”

Laura Searles,
Yoga Teacher

“I didn’t think an online program would offer such heart-filled connections”

“Laura’s program offered beautifully shared insight, true life experience, and heart-filled connections — much more than I thought an online program would involve! Even though I was unable to attend the calls and retreat live due to schedule conflicts, the audio recordings of the live calls were SO empowering, and I still felt connected to the group, at a distance.

I am so glad I decided to invest my money in such a wonderful program. My current (and future) yoga teaching adventures now feel so much brighter and supportive of my own well being.”

Here’s how it works…

The Money Freedom Bliss Camp is a special 2-day virtual retreat. You can participate from anywhere in the world.

Our time will be collaborative and fun!

If the dates I’ve set aren’t perfect for you, I’ll show you how to create your own private retreat.

You are welcome to participate live via phone, skype, or webinar. All of the classes will be recorded so you can download them to listen over and over again later, or take the course at any time that works for you.

The Bliss Camp includes:

  • 6 Powerful 90-minute Training Calls with companion journaling exercises and useful templates to apply these principles in your own life
  • 3 Divine Feminine Group Mentoring and Q&A Sessions with Laura (get extended support through December) where you get your questions answered and witness the transformation of fear into love. (You’ll get extended support through December, so you’ll have support to put this into action.)
  • In-Depth Quickstart Training Recording and Handout Packet to get you started identifying your ideal clients and implementing my easy target market research tools
  • Online forum for networking and sharing your learning. Post your questions and fliers and receive feedback from me and our Associate Coaches.

October 3 — 4, 9am – 3pm PDT
~ OR ~
October 17 — 18, 9am – 3pm PDT
~ OR ~

Plus get IMMEDIATE access to the recordings of last year’s Money Freedom Bliss Camp, so you can dig right in and start devouring my powerful 4-step process to financial peace and prosperity.

And remember ~ it’s easy to participate from anywhere in the world, or any time zone.

And if these dates aren’t perfect for you, I’ll show you how to create your own private retreat. We’ll even help you find a buddy to do the exercises with!

Special Bonus #1 ($197 value):
“Women, Money and Yoga”
Expert Interview Series


  • Learn what these 8 highly successful female yoga teachers, truly experts in their field, did to create a vibrant financial life through yoga! Learn from Beryl Bender Birch, Nischala Joy Devi, Beth Shaw, Sara Avant Stover, Camille Maurine, and more!
  • Enjoy the convenience of downloadable MP3 recordings, plus written transcripts so you can study your favorite interviews in depth
  • Get a boost of inspiration whenever you need it!

Special Bonus #2 ($197 value):
Jumpstart Coaching Session

Accelerate your transformation with 45 minutes of undivided attention from Divine Feminine Yoga’s Director of Coaching, Jane Meinz, MA via phone or skype to get you started on the right foot.


Special Bonus #3 ($697 value):
The Sacred Business Woman Retreat

Three-Day Live Event

Choose either:

November 7-9, 2014, Chicago
~ OR ~
November 21-23, 2014, San Francisco


  • Learn surefire strategies to get more people enthused about your work
  • Achieve your vision with smart, structured offerings that improve your bottom line
  • Learn my secrets to inspire students to enroll on the spot from public talks, free classes, and workshops
  • Feel comfortable setting boundaries and creating win-win agreements with partners, volunteers, and paid staff
  • Learn how to set prices for privates and groups
  • Go home filled with joyful memories (and a whole lot smarter about how to create your sacred business)

Yoga Circle Pose

Enjoy daily yoga and ritual to integrate your learning

~ No Risk Reservation Form ~

“Yes, Laura, I’m ready to empower my sacred business with the mindset and the practical tools I need to succeed.”

I know I will receive:

  • Access to the Money Freedom Bliss Camp virtual retreat, Oct 3-4, or Oct 17-18, or self-scheduled ($697 value)
  • Journaling templates, checklists, marketing timelines, scripts, and sample fliers to implement a more powerful mindset and new actions in my yoga business.
  • 3 Divine Feminine Group Mentoring and Q&A Sessions with Laura
  • Quickstart Training Recording and Handout Packet
  • IMMEDIATE access to the recordings of last year’s Money Freedom Bliss Camp
  • BONUS #1: Entire collection of 9 interviews from “Women, Money, and Yoga”
    ($197 value)
  • BONUS #2: Jumpstart Coaching session with Jane Meinz ($197 value)
  • BONUS #3: Sacred Business Woman Retreat Nov. 7-9, in Chicago, OR Nov. 21-23, in San Francisco ($697 value)


Full Tuition $697

1 Easy payment of $697

~ OR ~

3 Easy payments of $247

Rest easy ~ your order will be processed on secure servers. You will receive an electronic receipt within a few minutes.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I promise to deliver high quality content in this program, and I’m confident you will receive great value! Please know however, that your success depends on your commitment to the process. You will need to consult your own inner guides and take inspired action, putting these principles into practice.

If you attend the Money Freedom Bliss Camp (including self-scheduled), implement what you are instructed to do, and are not satisfied with the results, your money will be cheerfully refunded at the end of the course.

Still have questions?

Please don’t be shy. We’re here to help!

Send us an email at, and we’ll be happy to get back to you with helpful answers so you can get clear if this program is the right fit for you.

Melinda Lowrey
Sonoma, CA
Owner, Silver Wisdom Yoga

“I feel more alive than ever before!”

“Your program assisted me in coming into my own as a yoga teacher and so much more….as a woman, a singer/songwriter, a poet. Learning the business aspects helped me tune in to my intuition so now many synchronicities are showing up for me. Even my husband is saying “Wow!” when he sees what’s happening. I’m bolder and more comfortable talking to people and marketing my work.

I let go of classes I didn’t enjoy and frankly weren’t increasing my income much. I started two new aqua yoga classes I ADORE teaching, and I’m about to lead my first weekend-long retreat. My hourly income quadrupled with these new classes – that’s huge for me! My total income has skyrocketed and I know it will only grow.

I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me – my life is changing by leaps and bounds. Thank you!”

Cindi Buenzli Gertz,
Yoga Teacher and Owner
Conscious Living Arts,
Amery, Wisconsin

“I didn’t think it would be that easy”

“I am very excited about what’s happening in my business since I started working with you. I have seven new private clients, and it’s been wonderful so far. I love these women! I followed the exact steps you taught me to enroll my ideal clients, and my jaw practically dropped when each one of them said yes. I didn’t think it would be that easy!

I can feel the pressure coming off in other areas of my business. I realized that those 7 private clients equal almost 20 students in my group classes, and it’s allowing me to relax and cut back on the number of classes I offer. I’ve been longing for comfort and ease, and that’s exactly what is coming to me now! I’m moving deeper into the work I love most.”

Katie Campione, RN, RYT
Fort White, Florida

“My income more than quadrupled!”

“Before meeting you I’d been praying for someone to help me grow my Yoga business. My student body was diminishing.

With your guidance I created a new workshop (and filled it!), doubled my classes, and added private clients. My income more than quadrupled in the last year! My number one obstacle before was marketing, but now, I’m just like the ever-ready battery. I love marketing! I feel so much lighter and clearer and more enthusiastic.

I love that you marry the spiritual with the seemingly mundane aspects of business. You are a true mentor and I am impressed by the depth of your instruction and grateful for your consistent and sincere kindness. Thank you for helping me shine!”

Julie Norman,
Body Image Guru,
Yoga Teacher and Registered Dietician

“More and more work is coming my way.”

“I cleared so much working with you! You helped me to deeply integrate how sacred my work is as a Yoga teacher, and how sacred all of our work is.

At your retreat I asked myself “Do I really deserve to have this much fun and to be this fulfilled?” Of course that’s a big yes.

You helped me own my worth, and I went home and stepped into managing my business so I am financially secure AND doing my absolute best! Now more and more work is coming my way. In fact, I’m booking a month out, giving me space to get to my writing and program development. I’m having a blast!

Thanks again for the guidance and for creating the space for us. This is the last frontier of us clearing the way for the feminine!”

Tobi Gold,
Yoga with Tobi,
Medway, MA

“I doubled my base of students”

“Laura’s program gave me a road map to growing a business around teaching yoga and leading seminars on leading an empowered life. Using her methods, I doubled my base of yoga students and began to draw people from across the country.

The online discussion forum was fabulous, and I looked forward to seeing everyone’s entries. Thank you!”

Dea Bozzo,
Yoga Teacher,
Hamilton, Ontario

“I`m manifesting my heart’s desire”

“I`m so grateful to have had the pleasure of working in Laura’s program. Not only did she help me zero in on the type of work I desired to do, but she also gave me the confidence to get out and start manifesting my hearts desire. By the end of the program I had conducted my very first workshop full to capacity.

Subsequently, I was able fill my new series of classes and am preparing to facilitate another workshop coming up in a few months. Having her support, encouragement and guidance led me to a new realm of financial possibilities AND a deeper belief in my capabilities. So much gratitude and love. Thank You Laura!”

I look forward to playing with you in the Money Freedom Bliss Camp, and breaking through so many unnecessary patterns! The world is waiting.

Sending so many blessings,

Laura Cornell, PhD
Divine Feminine Yogini and Yoga Teacher Mentor

P.S. Expanding your yoga teaching is so much easier once you feel comfortable with money and with yourself as a Sacred Business Woman. Create your sacred business today with the Money Freedom Bliss Camp.

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