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The Heart of Moon Yoga
~ eBook

3 Tools to Deepen Your Yoga and Get You Started with the Moon Salutation

Learn to heal and nourish your body through this sensitive introduction to the feminine Moon Salutation. In this profound practice, feel your heart open and your body strengthened, connect with other women in circles large and small, and remember the wisdom of your grandmothers and of this blessed planet.

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To empower your business…

You Deserve Abundance
~ Free Video Training

5 Essential Steps to Empower your Mission
and Increase your Income

Remove the hidden belief that is short-circuiting your abundance on all levels, and learn the #1 marketing principle to attract your ideal students. Plus, discover how Laura shifted her own mindset around money (you can too!) to start making a 6-figure income after years of struggle.

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Yoga Business Breakthrough

You dream of having the fulfillment of offering your best gifts to your students but you may feel overwhelmed with all it takes to build the practice of your dreams. We’d love to help you move forward.

You’ll get the chance to speak with me or one of our trained team members to explore your biggest challenges and what could be stopping you from making the contribution you were born to make. We’ll help you clarify your vision and set you in motion with specific steps to meet your goals.

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