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  • The Heart of Moon Yoga: Three Tools to Deepen Your Yoga and Get You Started with the Moon Salutation. Bring the content you learn into your Yoga classes. Learn more

  • Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit: Hear from 15 Top Experts in Yoga for Women.  Learn more

  • Apply for a Complimentary Yoga Business Breakthrough Session with a trained member of our team.. Get clear on where you are stuck in achieving your vision as a Yoga teacher, and identify the best next step to move you forward:  Learn more

Reliable Divine Guidance:  How to Access Goddess Energies for More Confidence, Peace, and Bliss. Gain new ideas and content to deepen your Yoga classes.  Online program teaches you to befriend Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati, so you can flow through life’s difficulties with ease and flow, empower your life, and naturally attract greater beauty and abundance.  Learn more.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring: Receive support, guidance, and accountability from Laura Cornell, PhD, as you identify your unique gifts, clarify your vision, implement more empowering and effective business models, and magnify your service to the world. Available worldwide via skype or phone. Learn more.

Sacred Business Woman Retreat. Learn how to serve the world more powerfully while growing your income. Discover the right programs for your unique niche, reach the people you are meant to serve, and inspire them to say “Yes!” on the spot. Celebrate Diwali (Lakshmi’s holiday) in this sacred sanctuary of women as you receive the blessings of the Goddess for your inspired mission. Daily yoga and ritual with Laura to integrate your learning. Learn more.

“I always found talk of the Divine Feminine so wishy washy before.  I thought, “Please! Nobody invite me to another Moon Circle!”  But the way you teach it is so accessible and so grounded, I really get how powerful it is now.  I’ve brought the Moon Salutation into my Yoga classes, and every time I teach it, women come up to me — women in menopause, and younger women with injuries — thanking me left and right.  You’ve brought a whole new dimension to my teaching — and my personal practice!”  ~ ~Katy Steadman, Yoga Teacher, San Francisco, CA

“You have been a major catalyst to my growth as a Yoga teacher and a human being. I honor the transformative teachings and support I’ve received from you over the years. Your wisdom and insight continue to inspire my classes and workshops. Thank you!”  David Lurey, International Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer

” I am so grateful for the immersion into bliss you offer! Thank you Laura… and don’t stop!! Keep the Goddess speaking and singing via women everywhere!”  Courtney Woodrow, Yoga Teacher, San Francisco, California



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