Are You Ready to Serve More People,
Generate a Healthy Income, and Make a
Greater Contribution through your Teaching?

You dream of having:

  • The creative fulfillment of offering your best gifts to your students
  • Full classes and workshops with a waiting list
  • Steady income that matches the value you know you provide & lets you contribute to your family’s needs
  • The profound satisfaction of fostering health, healing and peace on the planet

But you may be feeling overwhelmed with all that it takes to build the teaching practice of your dreams. Fears and doubts may hold you back from offering your true brilliance.

We’d love to help you get started with a complimentary
Yoga Business Breakthrough Session.

You’ll get the chance to speak with Jane Meinz, Director of Coaching at Divine Feminine Yoga. She will help you explore your biggest challenges and what could be stopping you from making the contribution you were born to make.

Whether you’re just getting started and need a confidence boost, or you’re an experienced teacher who needs powerful training and implementation support, this session will launch you in the direction you need to go.

Jane will make a professional recommendation for how to get the best results for your unique teaching practice and business, so you can shine your light more brightly. She’ll help you clarify your vision and set you in motion with specific steps to meet your goals.

Jane Meinz

With Jane Meinz, M.A.,
Director of Coaching

Jane’s schedule fills up quickly! Please apply now if you’re serious about dramatically increasing your service to the world (as well as your income!).

To apply for a complimentary Divine Feminine Yoga Business Breakthrough Session, complete the form below. Our team will contact you within 1-3 business days to schedule your session if your application is approved.

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complimentary Yoga Business Breakthrough Session.”

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“We’ve helped 100s of heart-centered Yoga teachers like you create the teaching practice of their dreams. . . .”

Christy Fisher

Christy Fisher,
Owner, Phinney Ridge Yoga Studio,
Seattle, Washington

“My income increased this year by $5000 per month!”

“Through working with you I have shifted deeply in many ways. I’m making choices from a much more grounded place. Everything works better ~ I teach better, I’m more present, I’m more generous, I’ve settled more into who I am.

I’ve learned so much, really practical tools for my business. I’ve made hard decisions, but completely the best decisions for my studio ~ and we’ve drawn new teachers who are incredible.

I’m now much less stressed about money. My income increased this year by $5000 per month! I also started talking more openly with my husband about money, and I feel so good about that. I had never shared with him before in this way.

The support in the program has been tremendous. Support literally comes at you from all angles! All of the other women are really wonderful too. It was not as hard as I thought it would be ~ it’s actually been fun!”


Jennifer Parker,
Gentle Yoga Specialist,
Arlington, Massachusetts

“Yoga isn’t just a hobby anymore. I’m getting to do what I always dreamed of.”

When I set my income goal for the year, I thought “How am I ever going to do that?” I am really surprised ~ and happy! ~ to have accomplished my goal. With the help of your program, I went from $58 per week to $425 per week, and it just keeps growing.

You simplified things and prevented me from scattershot marketing answering every ad or calling every single yoga studio in town. Now I get to work with my favorite clients who love me and appreciate my gifts.

I used to think it was delusional to imagine making a living as a yoga teacher but now I see it’s completely possible. This is huge for me. Yoga isn’t just a hobby for me anymore ~ I’m getting to do what I’ve always dreamed of.


Christa Rypins, Owner,
Intelligent Body Movement Studio,
Murphys, CA

“I’m more powerful now as a teacher!”

“Before working with Laura, I had been teaching yoga for 20 years – and I felt stuck. I owned a busy studio and taught national workshops, weekly classes, a full schedule of private clients, I even wrote articles for yoga magazines, but it never added up. I actually felt embarrassed by my income. I knew the secrets of the universe in the body, but I didn’t know how to make a living. Worrying about money sucks the life force out of me, even more than hot flashes!

At Laura’s retreat, I felt completely seen by her and I immediately knew she was the coach for me. Now I’m connecting the dots between everything I do, so it’s a system – one piece grows the next. I am in the middle of Laura’s year-long training program, and I’ve increased my income by 50% – and it’s only June!

The internal shift in me is gigantic. Laura’s methods bring out something better in me, so the transformation my clients get is even bigger than before. I am more powerful as a teacher because I am no longer stuck. I can’t say enough good about the program.”

Maureen Murphy, D.C.

“I’m generating over $1000 in new monthly revenues and I’m thrilled.”

“You surprised me with a new business model and inspired me to believe it was possible, even though I was afraid to try again.

You helped me take action after years of overwhelming myself. Within a few months I gave my first workshop of original material and felt so joyful and aligned with my purpose! As a result, I now have three new private clients generating a total of over $1,000 in monthly revenues and I’m thrilled.

I know I can’t do it alone, and the truth is I don’t want to! I enjoy working with you and the community you’ve created. I find a great deal of emotional safety working with you, and I feel your heart sincerity and presence. A lot of people give lip service to the Divine Feminine, but you actually embody it. Thank you for giving me a step-by-step map, and for being such an authentic model of what you teach.”

Julie Norman
Body Image Guru
Yoga Teacher and Registered Dietician

“My practice is full and I’m having a blast!”

I cleared so much from working with you and attending your retreat! I asked myself “Do I really deserve to have this much fun and to be this fulfilled?” Of course that’s a big yes. And now my practice is full and I’m having a blast! I developed my foundational workshop at your event, which I offer 4-5 times a month and it brings me new clients every time. My weekend retreats are also filled with amazing energy and power.

With the business model you taught, I was able to transition out of work I didn’t love and into what I know is my true calling. My work is now more rewarding both spiritually and financially. You helped me to deeply integrate how sacred my work is as a Yoga teacher, and how sacred all of our work is.


Katie Campione
Fort White, Florida

“My income more than quadrupled!”

“Before meeting you I’d been praying for someone to help me grow my Yoga business. My student body was diminishing. With your guidance I created a new workshop (and filled it!), doubled my classes, and added private clients. My income more than quadrupled in four months!

My number one obstacle before was marketing, but now, I’m just like the ever-ready battery. I love marketing! I feel so much lighter and clearer and more enthusiastic.

I love that you marry the spiritual with the seemingly mundane aspects of business. You are a true mentor and I am impressed by the depth of your instruction and grateful for your consistent and sincere kindness. Thank you for helping me shine!”


Hasita Agathe Nadai
Yoga Teacher and International Workshop Leader

“You created the perfect space for me.”

“You provided the perfect space for me to create my YogaGaia curriculum and workshops. The processes you taught moved me from being mute to having the words to express this beautiful connection to the planet. And your networking led me to the exact right people I needed to help me carry my work into the world.”

Cindi Buenzli Gertz,
Yoga Teacher and Owner
Conscious Living Arts
Amery, Wisconsin

“I didn’t think it would be that easy!”

“I am very excited about what’s happening in my business since I started working with you. I have seven new private clients, and it’s been wonderful so far. I love these women!

I followed the exact steps you taught me to enroll my ideal clients, and my jaw practically dropped when each one of them said yes. I didn’t think it would be that easy! I can feel the pressure coming off in other areas of my business.

I realized that those 7 private clients equal almost 20 students in my group classes, and it’s allowing me to relax and cut back on the number of classes I offer. I’ve been longing for comfort and ease, and that’s exactly what is coming to me now! I’m moving deeper into the work I love most.”


Betsy Gosselin
Yoga Teacher
Laguna Beach, California

“My event attracted almost 100 new people!”

“Despite six years of teaching, when I came to you I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start to expand my teaching. You helped me hone in on what was most important to me and create my own unique offering, the Yoga of Compassion.

My newfound clarity is attracting people who want to support my work, and it’s amazing to see people really get what I’m about and want to participate. I recently put on an event that attracted almost 100 new people, and you helped me structure it for maximum impact and return for my business.

Ever since the event there has been so much energy and enthusiasm for moving forward. I’m so excited about all the opportunities to teach and learn and grow and share the Yoga of Compassion.”


Hilary Bell
Yoga Teacher
Penzance, Cornwall, UK

“I feel grounded now, stable.”

“When I first got started I had never been self-employed, and the prospect was exciting but daunting. The skills and tools that you shared with me have been fantastic.

I feel grounded now, stable. You gave me so many different ways to approach my teaching and Yoga business. I added three new classes and tripled my income. And I’d like to share something very exciting ~ you helped me voice my heart’s desire and I took some big steps as a result. The power of intention is bringing to me what I most wanted!”


Susan Whitaker
Yoga Teacher and Owner

“People signed up for my newest series before I started marketing it!”

“Two years ago, I was feeling burned out and in danger of losing the great love that I have for yoga. I was uninspired and tired. Although I had been teaching yoga for 30 years, I didn’t feel worthy of charging what I know I’m worth.

Embracing my role as a Sacred Business Woman brought me a huge surge of creativity, and I was able to free myself from the administrative work of my studio and pursue my passions more.

And people are writing checks! I was astounded that 9 people signed up immediately for my newest workshop series before I even started marketing it! People were always grateful, but now I get so much more respect from the world. I see myself as a professional and I’ve never been paid as a professional before. It feels good to my heart to be acknowledged for my skills.

I’ve started offering really deep, personal programs that I hadn’t even thought of before. As I’ve gotten excited, I’ve attracted more private clients and my classes are full. I have so much more confidence and inspiration – it feels amazing!

“Yes! I want the chance to receive a
complimentary Yoga Business Breakthrough Session.”

Please complete the form below to begin your application.

Rest easy – we will never share your information with anyone. You will receive an email confirmation shortly.

Sending blessings,

Laura Cornell, PhD
Divine Feminine Yogini and Yoga Teacher Mentor

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