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“You Deserve Abundance”
5 Essential Steps to Empower your Mission and Increase your Income

In the training video below, you will…

  • Remove the hidden belief that is short-circuiting your abundance on all levels
  • Receive Green Tara’s Divine guidance on balancing the inner and outer work of running a conscious business
  • Discover how I shifted my own mindset around money (you can too!) to start making a 6-figure income after years of struggle
  • Learn the #1 marketing principle to attract your ideal students

Ready to take your business to a new level?

Get your “Divine Feminine Yoga
Empowered Business Starter Kit!” here – only $3.95

This powerful program will help you:

  • Make the mental shifts necessary to attract financial abundance
  • Clarify exactly which actions to take next in your business
  • Learn specific practices and key questions to ask yourself
    that will speed up your professional and personal growth.

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