Welcome Women Who Love Yoga, Heart-Centered Yoga Teachers, and Curious Yoga Seekers

Are you a woman who wants to heal body and soul, so you can
reach out from there to heal the planet?

Do you long to become more empowered, joyful, and free?

Would you be excited by a Yoga practice that honors women’s bodies,
women’s cycles, and women’s wisdom?

Our world is out of balance towards overactivity, competition, and overconsumption. We are not taught how to connect with the source of bliss, and how to draw on this to create vibrant health at all levels of our being. At a cultural level, this leads to violence and depletion of resources, while on a personal level it can show up as depression, eating disorders, or chronic illness.

But there is another way!
Guiding our bodies towards health and vitality immediately reverses this trend.

Initiating a daily practice of self-care, connecting with the beauty and flow of nature, accessing Goddess energies for guidance and wisdom, and meeting with other women in circles (sangha) as well as one-on-one are all radical actions we can take towards rebalancing our own lives, thereby also blessing others.

I’ve developed a simple system, based in the loving wisdom of the Divine Feminine, to help you move from exhaustion to vibrant health, from self-doubt to self-love, and from confusion to inspired, easeful action!  I work primarily with women students (along with a few wonderful men) and also with Yoga teachers, helping them to access the courage and clarity to bring their gifts to the world in a big way.


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Whether your work is in the family, the Yoga studio, or the greater world, I welcome you to radiant health, joy, and fulfillment through Yoga.  Together, we can heal and bless this beautiful planet.

Love and Light ~ Laura

Laura Cornell, PhD
Divine Feminine Yogini and Yoga Teacher Mentor

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